6 Workplace Influencers You’ll Actually Want to Listen To

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on January 19, 2018

The sheer volume of information vying for your attention can often feel so cluttered you’ve likely tuned most of it out. While it’s true much of the content out there is skipable, the thoughts and insights from these six influencers is worth taking the time to read. For advice on cultivating your company culture to perfecting the employee experience, take it from those who’ve done it all before. 

Both Twitter and LinkedIn are so littered with “experts”, you probably have tuned most of them out. However, we’ve done the research for you and narrowed down a list of six influencers every workplace leader should actually want to listen to. From advice on cultivating your company culture to perfecting the employee experience, take it from those who have done it all before, and want to help you do the same. 

1. Ariana Huffington discusses healthy workplaces

Ariana Huffington hardly needs an introduction. Her impressive resume speaks for itself, as the co-founder and former editor-in-chief for the Huffington Post, she has unparalleled insight into cultivating a healthy company culture and nurturing an engaged workforce. Her latest launch, Thrive Global, was created with the purpose of offering companies and individuals, “sustainable, science-based solutions to enhance well-being, performance and purpose”, while helping readers understand how to bridge the gap between workplace burnout and workplace wellness. 

Start here: There is Such a Thing as Being Too Productive

2. Alex Kjerulf gives advice on creating happy employees

Start here: The Surprising Truth About Happiness and Motivation at Work 

As the chief-happiness-officer at Woohoo!, and the author of bestseller, Happiness is 9-to-5, Kjerulf really understands what it means to be happy. He is renowned as one of the leading experts on cultivating a happy workforce and how companies can reach this goal. His blog, Positive Sharing, is worth the read, and provides insight into how employees’ emotions directly affect their performance, and their relationship with their job. His work just might inspire you to work on increasing the smiles at your workplace. 

3. Cheryl Cran teaches how to cultivate workplace leadership

Start here: Respectful Leadership is the Future The author of not one, but six books on leadership and the modern workplace, Cheryl understands what it takes to develop an effective leader. Her online leadership training portal, Evolutionary Leadership Network, provides virtual skill building for individuals looking to broaden their skills. Her website also features a number of resources aimed at educating the budding young leader, and for organizations looking to ease the burden of workplace change and competing in the race for attracting top talent. 

4. Gloria Lombardi on the changes in workplace innovation

Start here: Mapping the Employee Experience in the Digital Workplace 

Gloria is a journalist, researcher and author who focuses on the future of work, innovation and internal communication at the workplace. She is the founder and publisher of the recently launched, Marginalia – the Future of Work Magazine, which “examines the new ecosystems of work through the lens of innovation, communication and leadership.”  The online publication centers its content around many of the top concerns of the modern workplace leader: employee engagement, the digital workplace, productivity and innovation. 

5. Jacob Morgan shares the rise of the employee experience

Start here: How the Physical Environment Impact the Employee Experience 

Driven by his own disappointment with the current workplace environment from his previous positions, Jacob set out to research and explore how the world of work is changing. His efforts turned into the development of three best selling books, including his latest titled, The Employee Experience Advantage, which covers how companies can win the war on acquiring top talent by providing effective workspaces for employees and by providing the tools they need to do their jobs. Jacob shows organizations the importance of perfecting the employee experience, and how they can get there. 

6. Vala Afshar covers topics surrounding workplace technology

Start here: Every Business is a Technology Business 

Serving as the Chief Digital Analyst at Salesforce, Vala is the perfect resource for everything related to the changing role of technology in the workplace and its impact on business. Vala contributes articles regularly to the Huffington Post and Inc. Magazine, and hosts a weekly video blog where he covers business digital transformation by featuring top executives in the industry. His book, The Pursuit of Social Business Excellence, can also be useful to those looking to expand their social presence at work. 


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