Turning mail pickup into a customer engagement solution

by Elizabeth Dukes on June 11, 2013

Turning mail pickup into a customer engagement solutionFor many large facilities who are still stuck in the 20th century with regard to their organizational strategies, mailroom management can be one of the most challenging aspects of overseeing operations. Some facilities managers have their information segmented across a wide variety of channels, including emails, phone calls and pen-and-paper notes, and it can be difficult to keep everything organized in a unified system.

Software solutions can simplify the process, however. Such is the case at Mercer University in Georgia, one of the first schools to install mail kiosks armed with a solution for fielding students’ service requests and tracking their postal needs.

Mercer students can access their mail simply by swiping their student IDs at participating kiosks, which provides them with updated information on all packages they have awaiting pickup.

This solution can work wonders for the facilities managers in charge of a large college campus. Without it, they risk poor delivery service, uncontrolled costs and a complete inability to plan their budgets over time.

Most importantly, using mailroom management software enables facilities managers to respond to the needs of students. Today’s college students are always active and looking for high-tech solutions, even with mundane processes like mail delivery. Software solutions in the 21st century enable users to solve their problems quickly using mobile phones and other real-time technologies.


Elizabeth Dukes

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