What Does It Mean to Be an iOFFICE Partner or Reseller?

by Rich Peacock on December 3, 2015

These are exciting times in the business world. Workplace solutions that once seemed like a far-off dream for our future have now become a reality. The technology tools available today have the ability to work seamlessly with another, allowing us to unleash the power of every asset, utilizing them to their fullest potential.


At iOFFICE, we have made it our mission to empower every workplace asset, from employees, to the workspace, and everything in between. We are putting the power back into the hands of the organization, teaming up with channel partners to make this vision a reality.

But what exactly is a channel partner? And how does collaboration with the iOFFICE team differ from that of another?

iOffice Channel Partner Program IWMS vendor

Three Levels of Partnership

Today’s business environment is full of complexities; and the FM and C-suite face a multitude of challenges on a daily basis. Our vision is to turn these complexities into a valued component of the company strategy. To ensure these goals are achievable for businesses of every size, we have designed a partnership program that firmly plants the focus back onto the customer.

Reseller Partners: The reseller partnership is designed for the established sales team, whose primary focus is selling the iOFFICE platform directly to its clients. We offer a team of dedicated implementation specialists who work closely with the partner and his/her client, seeing the implementation process through to completion. We do offer additional certification for resellers who wish to provide those services to their customers as well.

Service Providers: Our service provider program consists of businesses who offer a suite of Managed Workplace Services to their clients. The iOFFICE platform is an integral part of the service provider’s workplace management portfolio and providers are generally the end users of our software tool. Like the reseller program, our implementation specialists typically manage the implementation process, but service providers do have the option of providing these services with completion of necessary certification.

Implementation Partner: The iOFFICE implementation partner is certified and well-versed in the technical intricacies of our software platform, offering all advice and services related to this process. In addition to our workplace management software, they purvey their own set of expert management services and tools. Because the implementation partner’s primary focus is on fulfilling the client’s needs, they partner with the iOFFICE sales team or a reseller to facilitate the sales process.

IWMS vendor for iOffice channel partner program

As we enter 2016, our vision for the workplace is one without boundaries – one where individuals partner with each other in a collaborative effort to facilitate the most engaging, mobile, and productive business environment possible. To support this movement, we are continuously seeking out new partnerships to deliver enhanced workplace management tools and to align potential clients with the associate that most closely fits their needs.

Our belief: “power comes with partnership.”

Interested in learning more about our Partnership program? Visit our website or contact us today at 713.526.1029.


Rich Peacock

Rich joined iOFFICE in December 2014 as our Channel Partner Manager. Leading the company’s current channel partner program, he helps incorporate a structured system that's designed to support both existing and prospective partnerships.

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