What To Look For In a CMMS

by James McDonald on April 24, 2018

How much did your organization spend on maintenance last year? Whether you’re a large manufacturer with millions of dollars in equipment or a corporate campus with multiple building assets, it’s probably more than you planned on spending.

Unexpected repairs are almost always more costly than preventative maintenance, and that’s not even counting the lost productivity associated with equipment downtime.

A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can help keep these costs in check. A CMMS stores all your maintenance activities in a digital format, allowing you to manage work orders, track maintenance and even alerting you when it’s time for preventative maintenance.

Aside from streamlining facility management, a CMMS can help you reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

If you’re looking to invest in a CMMS or facility maintenance software, here are five essential factors to consider.

5 Factors to Consider When Choosing A CMMS

1. Mobile Capabilities

Your facilities management team is always on the move, so your CMMS needs to move with them. Facility managers should be able to receive service requests as they come in, locate equipment that needs to be repaired and view maintenance checklists from their mobile device.

Seventy-one percent of maintenance professionals said having a mobile CMMS increased their efficiency, according to a Software Advice survey.

2. A Customizable Work Order Catalog

Your organization’s maintenance needs are unique, and your CMMS should be flexible enough to accommodate them. That means having the ability to set up a work order catalog based on the most common maintenance activities.

3. Preventative Maintenance

Without the ability to manage preventative maintenance, your organization will continue to be surprised by unexpected repairs. Your CMMS should allow you to create lists of tasks associated with each asset and receive notifications when it’s time for each activity.

4. Access to Real-Time Data

Today’s facility managers are under greater pressure to prove their worth. They also need to be able to justify their investment in a CMMS or facility maintenance software. Without data that shows how much time the team spent on maintenance activities and the costs of those repairs, they’ll never be able to accurately quantify the savings.

5. Ability For Employees to Easily Request Service

Facility maintenance is a two-way street. Employees are often the first to notice when something is awry, and they should take an active role. Your CMMS should integrate with an employee-facing app that allows employees to request service from a tablet, mobile device or desktop.

The Next Evolution of Facility Maintenance Software

The right CMMS should empower your organization to take a more proactive approach to facility maintenance.

iOFFICE’s facility maintenance software and app allows facility managers the ability to receive, update and close requests for facility requests via their smartphone. They can create new tickets as they go about their day and, thanks to our new Hummingbird employee experience apps, also receive service requests from anyone, wherever they are. This minimizes the time they spend manually entering data and allows for real-time updates and analytics on activity, performance and cost.

Additionally, because our facility maintenance software integrates with other functionalities within our IWMS (such as space management, move management and asset tracking), there is transparency across your organization. Whether you’re checking off all the maintenance items that need to be done during a big move or taking stock of the condition of your equipment, you’ll always have what you need.

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