Why Settle for an iOFFICE Alternative When You Can Have the Real Thing

by Don Traweek on February 10, 2014

With the emergence of an information based society, technology has made its way to the forefront, utilized in every aspect of our day to day lives. With this change comes the realization that facilities managers’ jobs are evolving. Faced with the changing tasks of how we perceive our jobs and the way we carry out our mission, FMs are the “idea architects” of today.

Gone are the days of post-it notes and Excel spreadsheets. With a multitude of sophisticated technologies at our fingertips, the key is knowing which tools are right for carrying out your mission. And while it might be iOffice's facilities management softwaretempting to only look at the “bottom-line” when choosing your FM solution, there are a multitude of other aspects to consider before making your final decision.


A vast majority of the FM software solutions require you to have plug-ins on every monitor to be able to utilize your new software. While this plug-in is “free”, it requires IT installation at each workstation. iOffice’s SaaS solution is quickly integrated, with Flash being the only existing software required. Our out of the box solutions integrate with your existing IT environment, avoiding the disruption of your IT department, and potentially, your entire workforce’s activities. And since your information is stored in a Cloud based system, your system will not be slowed down due to storage issues. Unlike a majority of the other vendors, we already have standard APIs. This eliminates the need for customer integration development, allowing us to pass that savings on to you.

In-house Support and Training

From implementation to customer support, iOffice uses our own internal re- sources to ensure you receive the care you deserve. Our 24/7 customer service support is included, at no additional charge, with all software–so we can be there for you when you need us most. Additionally, all training occurs during implementation, at little or no cost to you, ensuring you don’t find yourself the week after implementation sifting through technical manuals only to find you have more questions than answers.


iOffice recognizes that no two businesses’ missions are alike. We build a software platform from the ground up, configuring the modules to your specific needs. Have multiple locations that require different functions? No problem. Our cloud based approach allows us to tailor each system to meet all of your demands, within one portal.


In order to stay on top of trending technologies, upgrades to your software system are a common occurrence. Your iOffice platform is designed to handle up-grades continually, with no impact to site configuration and no additional fees. iOffice users have their own blog they can subscribe to (or go to from their portal log-in page) to get the latest upgrade features and step by step training to unlock their potential. And since our users are the ones on the frontline, utilizing our technology daily, we love to hear feedback from them. Clients are asked to submit feature requests–the requests that get the most votes we move to our developmental map.

Modular vs. Bundling

Unlike our competitors, iOffice doesn’t force you to purchase modular bundles, bogging down your system with extraneous products or your budget with un- necessary costs. While many other systems are real estate and construction driven, our modules are largely tenant based, PEOPLE based, with added functions to help office services such as Mail Management and File and Inventory Management. We work with you to gain a clear understanding of your needs, allowing you to only purchase the modules that will aid you in your path. You stand to save a great deal of money this way, allowing you to focus your monies on other ventures that will support your growth. And you always have the option to add more modules, as your objectives are met and your organization flourishes.


With a large percentage of our workforce being mobile, on the go accessibility to office management tools is in high demand. But is the IWMS TRULY mobile? iOffice is the leader in FM software mobility. Available for virtually all smart- phones and tablets, our mobile apps ensure you can access your data anywhere, anytime.

If your organization is searching for a solution to better manage your space, assets, mailroom and/or preventive maintenance tasks, a facilities management software system is likely your next step. The iOffice team is here to help. Sifting through your various options can be a daunting task. Careful planning and asking the right questions is the best recipe for successful alignment with the proper software tools.


Don Traweek

Don possesses over twenty years of experience in operational management and process re-engineering and implementation with an emphasis on office and facility services.

Capterra Ratings: ★★★★★ 4.5/5