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by Elizabeth Dukes on March 13, 2014

Wide Open Workspace Breakfast Briefing Video

Last month we hosted our first Wide Open Workspace Breakfast Briefing at our headquarters in Houston, TX.  At the event we discussed the struggles and triumphs building managers have faced regarding the shifting workplace, and how their employees adjusted to the changes.  Below is a short video to recap the event. 


W.O.W Breakfast Briefing Session #1 

We were delighted to have facilities managers, human resources and CRE professionals join us for our first Wide Open Workspace breakfast briefing. Our purpose of the event was to spark an engaging discussion about the current state of the office environment, and how facility leaders can prepare their workplace to be desirable to incoming talent and to function well in the future. 

Allyson Hajdu spoke on her experience bringing a company from a cubicle-designed space to an open concept, multi-purpose floorplan. “Before we switched to an open workspace, I kept thinking, how can employees be colorful, innovative and stimulated in a small gray box?” Allyson mentioned. Her company has seen rapid improvement to their facility and their employees’ work environment after they decided to take down cubicle walls in favor of offering various spaces for employees complete their work. She walked through the process of gaining a CEO’s approval, engaging employees in the entire change process and how their team tackled various issues regarding office privacy and noise. 

Video Recap

Our goal was to have Wide Open Workspace introduce a new thought process to our attendees, and to have them understand the positives and challenges that come with adopting this rapidly growing trend. We will continue to cover various FM topics in our second briefing in May. Stay tuned for more information about our next event, and how you can secure your spot. We hope to see you there!



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