Got a Sec? The Shocking Cost of Unwanted Interruptions [Infographic]

by Glenn Hicks on April 29, 2019

We’ve all experienced it: You have a big presentation you need to put together, so you arrive at the office early and get right to work. Not long after, a coworker stops by for a “quick chat” about a project that turns into a 30-minute discussion. You turn your attention back to that presentation, and one of your team members asks for your help solving an urgent customer issue. You get roped into an impromptu department meeting just before lunch.

After lunch, you grab a free meeting room and close the door, hoping to get back to work, but another department interrupts you soon after— they need that room for a sales call. You respond to a series of high-priority emails and Slack notifications you’ve been trying to ignore all day, which takes up another hour.

Before you know it, the day is almost over and you’ve barely made any progress on the one thing you needed to do. You reluctantly take your laptop home for the evening.

 Interruptions are a normal part of the workday for most people, but left unchecked, they can be a serious drain on productivity.

These shocking statistics show just how much they could be costing your company. 


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Glenn Hicks

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