Workplace Technology Helps Keep The Human Element In New Construction

by Mike Petrusky on September 28, 2018

Have you taken a look around your city lately? More than likely you’ve noticed your skyline looking more crowded than usual. It’s not an illusion, we’re building at a rapid pace. Some studies suggest we’re going to double the number of buildings on earth in just 30 years. Recently I spoke with Michael DeLacey and René Jackson about the importance of buildings, people and how technology brings them together.

Asset Management, BIM, and Building Tech for Workplace Leaders

Michael DeLacey | Principal and CEO of Microdesk

"We’re storing so much data in the cloud these days, and we’re doing so much computer learning, that cloud-based systems can start providing you feedback on what you’re doing from a design perspective. I see it specifically in the design phase but I’m sure it’s going to seep into the facilities phase as well."

A Facility Management Story

René Jackson | Regional Manager of Real Estate and Facilities at Ciena Corporation

"I love dealing with people, so I enjoy that aspect of it. I actually like when people come up to my desk and say, “hey, can we do this, that or the other?” I’m happy to try and get that done for them. So yes, for the people."

A people-pleaser if you ever saw one, René has spent most of her career working closely with facilities and the people that occupy them. She loves both, and has a keen understanding of the complex relationship between buildings and occupants – and how it can vary greatly between organizations. As the Regional Manager of Real Estate and Facilities at Ciena, based in Silicon Valley, she enjoys that no two days are exactly the same, and takes pride in understanding her job is to really know her coworkers – which is the method to her success.

René talks about how exciting it is to work during this “time of change” in our industry, as the integration of technology and real estate becomes common, it’s clear companies understand the necessity of such additions. She’s experiencing this firsthand as Ciena starts to move forward with testing a new workplace strategy to create better environments for different employee activities. 

Towards the end of the podcast, we talk about goal setting, and discuss how in this line of work it is so important to anticipate employees’ needs. It would be nearly impossible to create great employee experiences or achieve optimal workplace satisfaction if you don’t first understand what it is your team needs to not only survive, but to thrive.


Mike Petrusky

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