Your Mailroom: Where a Little SaaS Goes a Long Way

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on July 1, 2015

Although the mailroom’s purpose within a company has changed, it’s importance has never wavered. Your mailroom is still the heartbeat of your company, so why are you treating it like an unnecessary obligation?  We think facilities managers and their mailrooms need to rekindle their relationship, and our next webinar will help do just that. 

Your mailroom has probably gotten a bad rep. For decades, the corporate world has looked down at theScreen_Shot_2015-07-02_at_9.39.05_AM mailroom as an unavoidable stepping stone into a company. No one wanted to be there, and it was viewed as simply a “necessity” where things were sorted out under the more important floors. It was given no attention, and certainly no love. 

The traditional mailroom stereotype has changed. Even though internal and external communication is now done primarily online, the demand for mail has done nothing but go up. The increase in online communication has in turn influenced the demand for delivery services. Your mailroom is the beating heart of your company – where what you offer goes out into the world and often where things come in. Is your company giving it all the attention it deserves?


Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

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