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SPX FLOW Unlocks the Key to Managing Its Workforce and Workplace



WEBSITE www.spxflow.com

INDUSTRY Manufacturing

SQ. FT. 264,000

HEADQUARTERS Charlotte, North Carolina

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As an innovative, global company, SPX FLOW has a large operation, workforce and workplace to manage. Without FM software, workforce engagement and useful data analysis and reporting, it needed a solution that would help improve efficiency.

SPX Testimonials

Tickets are tracked for time and cost, and employee satisfaction around service requests is now at 93 percent."

The Problem


The seven-person facilities management division lacked the software and support needed to improve efficiency.

The Action


SPX FLOW selected iOFFICE’s IWMS to help with space management, service request and work order management, asset management and move management.



With better communication and improved employee satisfaction, SPX FLOW is saving time and money.

The Future


The facilities management division hopes to expand its data-reporting program to include benchmarking and KPIs that specifically relate to current goals and future plans.

iOffice IWMS Helps SPX FLOW Increase Efficiency and Save Money

Based in Charlotte, North Carolina, SPX FLOW is a global, multi-industry manufacturing leader with approximately $2.5 billion in annual revenue, operations in more than 35 countries and move than 8,000 employees. The company’s highly specialized engineered products and innovative technologies are helping to meet rising global demand for electricity and processed foods and beverages, particularly in emerging markets. The international corporate headquarters in North Carolina includes nine floors, a four-level parking garage, a fitness center, full food services operations and is a LEED-certified facility consisting of 264,000 square feet.


SPX FLOW’s partnership with iOFFICE supports the overall goals and values of the business: to drive sustainable, profitable growth while improving the efficiency of their operations. In the seven-person FM division, challenges were deep and growing:

  • No FM Software. There were no mechanisms for planning, tracking, service request ticketing or move software to track work or move forward.
  • No Workforce Engagement. All communications were being handled via newsletters, email, share point and monitors in the building, but employees were still not engaged.
  • No Data Analysis or Reporting. With no visibility into problems, opportunities or areas for cost reduction and investment, leaders needed critical data to plan for the future of the business.


Joe Fisher, Corporate Facility Manager of SPX FLOW, Inc., has more than 15 years of experience in facilities management and believes that powerful FM software can bring an FM department from good to great. When he joined SPX FLOW as Corporate Facility Manager, his No. 1 condition for employment was to implement FM software. After comparing multiple solutions, he selected iOFFICE, the only 100 percent SaaS-based IWMS. This was critical, as the modular software allowed Fisher to deploy carefully only those products he needed for SPX FLOW, test them and grow the program.


  • Joe started with space management, service request and work order management, asset management and, eventually, move management.
  • The first audience SPX Flow tested iOFFICE on was the company's executive assistants. They introduced and rolled out one module at a time and allowed for two weeks of feedback through workshops and training for the SPX FLOW employees.
  • Not everyone was on board at first, but the clean user interface of iOFFICE soon made it ubiquitous for SPX FLOW employees and FM teammates.

“Joe Fisher plans on expanding the data-reporting program iOFFICE offers with benchmarks and KPIs that matter to SPX FLOW for today, and the future.”


  • Space Management: This module easily saved the company the most time and had the greatest customer engagement. While previous seating charts were built in PDFs, uploaded to SharePoint and emailed to executive assistants, the iOFFICE process allows teams to make changes and view the new floor plans 24/7. No waiting, easy editing and sharing via iOFFICE.
  • Service Request: This module allows SPX FLOW to coordinate on-demand and preventive maintenance tasks in real-time. Rather than emailing work orders and complaints, SPX FLOW employees now open the iOFFICE app, take a picture of what’s broken, submit it and a ticket is generated and sent to the FM team. Tickets are tracked for time and cost, and employee satisfaction around service requests is now at 93 percent (either satisfied or very satisfied). There is also a greater sense of accountability as employees can track open tickets and complete service satisfaction surveys after the ticket is closed. iOFFICE’s mobile app means Joe and his team are reducing time and trips to the maintenance workshop yielding approximately two additional hours of productivity daily across the department.
  • Asset Management: SPX FLOW invested in office FFE by purchasing new furniture. With the ability to track customer complaints about a particular issue with a piece of furniture in their workspace, and mapping these issues to the SLA on the furniture, SPX FLOW was able to link the liability to the manufacturer. The desks were fixed at no cost to SPX FLOW savings thousands of dollars. Asset management and SLA tracking are all fundamental pieces of the iOFFICE software that save workplaces millions each year.
  • Move Management: iOFFICE’s move module has saved a tremendous amount of time in compiling scenario moves. In the past, the FM team had to update PDFs, which took roughly 30 minutes per change and were difficult to track, compared to two minutes with iOFFICE. During SPX FLOW’s last move of more than 400+ employees, the team ran 20 different scenarios and revisions. Using iOFFICE, their turnaround time for each requested proposal to executive management was outstanding.


iOFFICE has dramatically changed SPX FLOW’s facilities management methodologies. Joe Fisher and his team now easily capture data, track the flow of their processes and reduce time, costs and frustrations across the organization. iOFFICE has helped Joe to elevate the FM team as key advisors to the executive team in planning, reporting and communicating about the future of SPX Flow’s facilities and all the people they touch. Joe Fisher plans on expanding the data-reporting program iOFFICE offers with benchmarks and KPIs that matter to SPX Flow for today, and the future.