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    create employee experiences
    that exceed expectations

    Detect space activities, find a quiet space, assure the coffee is always hot while delivering to operations the key statistics they need to ensure your digital workspace continues to thrive.



    Gone are the days of having to be in the office to schedule your favorite conference room for that all-important meeting. Now your scheduling needs are just a few clicks away from your mobile device. From space management to visitor management, room reservation to move management, you can do it all with Hummingbird.

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    digital workspace solutions using our hummingbird app

    wayfinding solutions

    Wayfinding software, when integrated with room reservation software, allows your employees to instantly determine the location of a colleague as well as their proximity to an open meeting room and then reserve the space for an ad hoc brainstorming session.

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    This new integration can help you and your team stay organized by allowing you to access notifications in a centralized location, using your primary communication tool.

    our digital workspace solutions allow slack integration

    success stories

    Discover companies like yours that have enhanced their employee experience with iOFFICE.

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