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Enable your flexible workplace

with digital desk signage

Desk booking software from iOFFICE plus digital desk signage from Embrava gives you a scalable way to help hybrid employees find their workspace for the day and stay productive in the office.


iOFFICE’s partnership with Embrava enables you to alleviate hot desking anxieties and let your employees easily find and book ideal workspaces with everything they need.

By combining desk booking software with scalable desk signage, you can create a technology-forward workplace that adapts to employee needs and improves space utilization.

Deploy digital desk signage quickly to make availability information highly visible, and integrate your software with tools like Outlook, Google Calendar, and badges to make adoption a breeze. Realize the immediate benefits of increased productivity and better space utilization with streamlined SaaS-based management.

Eliminate hot desk anxiety

Empower an agile workplace

Analyze trends & optimize


Enterprise-ready desk booking

iOFFICE’s integration with Embrava desk signage allows hybrid employees to book desks in advance and easily find their workspace when they arrive to the office.

Keep calendars in sync

  • Leverage integrations with Google or Exchange/O365 resource calendaring
  • Desk booking information syncs in real time with Embrava signage
  • Real-time updates eliminate the issue of scheduling conflicts

Enhance the hybrid employee experience

  • Book desks with tools available in the office or at home (e.g., work calendars, mobile app, or web portal)
  • See current and future desk availability with real-time syncs to prevent scheduling conflicts
  • Help employees find their reserved workspaces with wayfinding and high visibility desk signage
Reservations module

Improve workspace utilization

  • Enforce reservation rules such as department restrictions, min/max durations, and check-in requirements
  • Automatically recapture wasted space
  • Analyze workspace trends and reallocate space to meet evolving needs

Light the way to available desks

  • Manage enterprise deployments from the convenience of a single cloud-based dashboard
  • Customizable LED indicators showcase if desks are available, booked, need cleaning, and more
  • Desk signage syncs in real time with iOFFICE desk bookings to prevent scheduling conflicts

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