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Design a safer workplace with the Space-Right™ physical distancing tool
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  • We are so excited that you are considering attending our first regional user conference.

    Our goal is to create a forum that gives us the ability to collaborate so we can better support you and continue to develop solutions that add value to your organization. And we believe sharing is most successful in person!  We have asked a few of you to participate and share some unique ways you have implemented and used iOffice.  If anyone else is interested in contributing, please let me know. The conference is May 12th and is free to all participants.  You will be responsible for travel and expenses, but we are working on a block of rooms to achieve the most competitive rates.

    Please feel free to call or email me personally if you want to discuss. Thanks!


    P: 713-526-1029 

    Want to see how the facilities and operations team at Under Armour created a more efficient, productive and enjoyable workplace? Check out the video here.



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