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Design a safer workplace with the Space-Right™ physical distancing tool
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    create workspaces that exceed
    employee expectations

    Give your facilities team the tools they need to efficiently execute daily tasks that ensure the workspace hums and the employees are happy and productive.


    asset TRACKING

    Facility Operators have a wide range of assets to track and maintain — from building to office assets. Asset Tracking allows you to track location, contract terms and ongoing maintenance of these tangible assets in real time.

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    Facility Operators are tasked with creating and maintaining workspaces that attract employee talent, promote sustainability and minimize ongoing operational expenses. Service Request gives them the power to coordinate tasks in real time, allowing for easier and more efficient facility management.

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    This new integration can help you and your team stay organized by allowing you to access notifications in a centralized location, using your primary communication tool.

    success stories

    Discover companies like yours that have enhanced their employee experience with iOFFICE.

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