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Design a safer workplace with the Space-Right™ physical distancing tool
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    It's the million-dollar question: 

    How do you create an environment that meets your employees' needs now but stands the test of time? 

    Building the Workplace of the Future
    IN THIS EBOOK you’ll discover....

    How smart companies design offices

    Leaders from Sodexo, Hershey and Genentech share how they created workplaces that boost productivity, enhance collaboration and improve employee satisfaction.

    Some key statistics from the most common modern workplace strategies

    say they would like to work remotely at least part of the time
    of employee time is spent away from their desks
    percentage of office space vacant at any time
    of highly engaged employees feel they have control over their work experience
    Of 81 global companies surveyed by JLL said they track space utilization
    of all American workers hold a job that is compatible with working remotely

    We use a lot of software rather than hardware, which allows us to remodel easily.

    - Magnus Löfsjögård, Sodexo Service Manager

    Will your workplace still be relevant 10 years from now?

    We’ve reached a point where a physical office is no longer essential for all employees, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t important. According to Deloitte, an effective workplace strategy has many benefits, including:

    • More efficient space utilization, which can improve asset performance by as much as 20-50%
    • Significant savings in real estate costs
    • Increased mobility and flexibility for employees, resulting in a better work-life balance
    • Greater collaboration between departments
    • Enhanced productivity

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