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Ensure safe distancing and eliminate wasted space. Make it easy for employees to book desks with an intuitive mobile app for a touchless experience.

The desk booking software you choose should be backed by a robust system that gives you valuable insights into which spaces are booked most often, the average length of booking time, and which days of the week have the highest demand for desks.

iOFFICE’s desk booking software allows you to create a flexible workplace now and for the future with connected tools and insights from real-time data.

desk booking software benefits

manage your desks and workspaces

With a desk reservation tool, you can allow employees to reserve the available workspaces they want to use, whether they’re booking on the fly or in advance from a mobile app.

Gain insight into how people are using your space

Find out which workspaces are used most and help you plan improvements. Convert frequently unused spaces into huddle areas or small meeting spots.

See which desks are reserved and vacant on any given day and add workspaces as needed. Some employees not checking in today? No problem. Set automatic cancellation to release the unused desks in an instant.

With more space utilization insight, you can maximize your floor plan for safety, productivity, and cost savings.


Create a flexible workplace

Quickly adopt desk hoteling for your workplace with digital desk reservation tools that give employees the freedom to choose, but with safe spacing in mind.

With desk hoteling, you can enable employees to reserve workspaces in advance or on demand, while also allowing workplace leaders to configure floor plans to maximize space.

Manage desk booking and meeting room reservations in the same place so employees can find the right space for the work they’re doing at a moment’s notice.

Get more efficient

Avoid time wasted by employees wandering around looking for available workstations by giving them a more efficient way to find and reserve desks with iOFFICE’s desk booking software.

With the easy-to-use desk booking features included in the Hummingbird app, keep real-time availability in view at all times. 

Welcome guests by helping them find the staff they’re visiting and locate and book available desks with the Hummingbird app.

Improve employee satisfaction 

Give your employees a simple solution with a streamlined desk reservation system that requires virtually no training.

Meet today’s unprecedented expectations for health and safety by maintaining desk reservations that align with your safe-distancing measures and capacity controls.

Ensure employees have exactly the space they need for the type of work they’re doing — whether they’re concentrating or collaborating.

Share desks, not germs 

Simplify contact tracing with desk booking software that gives you a record of which employees were in the office on any given day and who was sitting near them.

Integrate desk booking with your facility maintenance software so you can easily update cleaning schedules based on use and real-time requests. Address employee concerns about health and safety by allowing them to book via the Hummingbird app so they can use their own device and avoid high-touch surfaces.

desk booking software features

Your total desk booking solution

Easily set safe distances between desks with an adjustable slider, then reconfigure capacity as needed. Designate available spaces for employees to reserve — even assign desks based on multiple shifts. Allow staff and visitors to book desks via lobby kiosks, space panels, or with personal devices using the Hummingbird mobile app and QR codes for a touchless experience.

Make it simple for teams to search for and reserve desks on any floor of any building, including by neighborhood or department. Filter workspaces based on location, space type, capacity, assets, and features.Help employees find co-workers, locate sanitization stations, and submit service requests.

Get real-time utilization data in the iOFFICE Insights module, and get deeper analytics when you connect with additional workplace tools.


make connecting with existing tools a breeze

We’ve done the hard work for you with desk booking software integrations, so your space reservation tool fits in with the workplace tech staff already uses. Connect to the calendar apps your employees are already comfortable using like Exchange, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Collect anonymous, aggregate workplace data to spot usage trends with IoT and sensor technology integrations, including Aruba, CoWorkr, Crestron, Density, Enlighted, GE Current, iaConnects, Relogix, VergeSense, and more. Make the workday smoother with smart integrations for your display technology, including AppsSpace, Crestron, and Elo Touch. Easily connect your current systems through our proprietary REST API to customize integrations for your unique workplace.

who uses desk booking software

While workplace leaders, IT leaders or facilities managers typically make the decision to purchase the software, every employee can use it to quickly find and reserve a desk they know is sanitized and safe.Desk booking software is used by companies of all sizes that need a better way to manage workspace and desk booking.

why desk booking software?

Desk booking software removes friction from your workplace and helps employees be more productive. It reduces conflict that can result from misunderstandings over whether or not a desk is available and clean. It also eliminates time that’s wasted from wandering around the office searching for a quiet place to focus.

The desk booking software solutions also improve space utilization by ensuring every available space is made visible to anyone who needs it.

Desk booking software enhances employee productivity and effectiveness. In the post-pandemic era, employees returning to work may even expect your business to have a desk booking strategy and easily accessible desk booking software available. Having real-time data on which desks are being used at any given time and the ability to see trends over time makes it easier for your executive team to plan for the future.

Are you ready to improve collaboration and make the most of your space?