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In any organization, the management of physical space is crucial. Bundled within this space management is choreographing moves, whether it’s reorganizing the layout of a current space or moving to a completely new facility.

Where antiquated methods fail to meet demands, move management software succeeds. Facility managers are able to make adjustments in real-time that avoid interruptions to the workflow and streamline communication across departments.

Benefits of Move Management Software

Save valuable time

Effective move management requires collaboration between multiple departments. But when traditional communications like spreadsheets and emails are used for this purpose, it becomes more difficult to track and manage each step of the process. This not only translates into an increased chance of redundancy, but it also leaves room for errors that can be time-intensive to fix. Through its automation, move management software streamlines the moving process and saves valuable time for the organization.

Ensure seamless coordination

Every office move has a timeline and details attached to it. Each piece of the puzzle—from the equipment to service requests—plays an important role in the overall success of the move. By housing all of this information in one place, move management software makes it easy to monitor the status of various tasks and requests in real-time. This level of transparency keeps all parties informed, helping to put any uncertainties or worries to rest.

Boost employee Productivity

Office moves are bound to cause some disruption in day-to-day operations. The impact of these disruptions is all the more clear when employees are missing the technology they need to be productive. Move management software helps boost employee productivity by supplying them with all the tools they need upon arrival to their new space. Rather than waiting around for problems to be addressed, the workforce can jump right back into their day-to-day tasks.

Trends in Move Management Software

Integration with other systems

Integration is at the heart of move management software. After all, this platform relies on the visualize floor plans in space management software to facilitate office moves. Other opportunities for integration, however, are also available. For instance, combining move management software with service request software enables the location of the requester or asset to be documented on the floor plan.

Cloud-based and mobile

With a checklist of to-do items that only grows longer, facility managers need tools that allow them to be more productive on a daily basis. Cloud-based and mobile technologies help meet this demand. While on-the-move, facility managers can quickly access information, submit requests and make necessary updates—all of which lead to improved efficiencies and greater productivity.

Choosing Move Management Software

So how do you choose which move management software is best for you? It’s a decision that involves the consideration of a few different variables.

Here’s a helpful list:

  • Discuss the requirements of your facilities management team with the vendor
  • Make sure there aren’t any surprise costs in terms of integration
  • Confirm the availability of mobile applications that prioritize the user experience
  • See if you can easily tap into data as a resource in making decisions
  • Inquire about the security checks and balances that your vendor uses
  • Ensure that training and support is provided at every stage

How Move Management Software Helped Sephora Take Control

Sephora is recognized as a global leader in the beauty-retail space. As the company continues to grow, the value of workplace management solutions have become all the more clear.

Workplace leaders once managed moves via Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. And the system used to account for moves at Sephora’s corporate facility was actually designed for retail stores.

With the pending challenge of moving 400 people, the company’s manager of corporate facilities knew it was time to retire their antiquated system and embrace a new solution.

Using iOFFICE’s integrated workplace management solution (IWMS), the organization was able to successfully map out their move ahead of time, while minimizing downtime and improving productivity. Thanks to reporting capabilities, the team can now better understand how space is being utilized and adequately prepare for future move scenarios.


Successful office moves involve a lot of logistical work. With move management software, you have the resources you need to efficiently manage every step of the process and remain free of errors.