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Take the guesswork out of safe office space planning

Five simple steps to a safer workplace

Adjust the distance between workspaces with a simple slider.
Instantly see the new floor plan scenario.
Review the resulting capacity.
Put the plan into action with move tickets.
Reconfigure anytime.

Keep your employees safe

We engineered a smart workspace planning tool so you can help employees share desks, not germs.

Demonstrate your commitment to safety, protect your workforce, and restore employee confidence by:
  • Preventing overcrowding in your office
  • Increasing the distance between workspaces
  • Identifying and converting potentially unsafe areas, such as small conference rooms
  • Communicating updates via mobile notifications

Reduce conference room capacity

  • Safely limit activity in conference rooms and other spaces
  • Calculate conference room seating capacity and how much distance you want between individuals
  • Get smart recommendations that label your spaces as “Safe,” “Unsafe,” “Convert to Office,” or “Reduce Capacity”

Reassign seats and group employees into shifts

  • Create alternating shifts to maximize space
  • Group employees by status — such as essential in-office or remote
  • Create move requests that assign them to their spaces
Create circles

Create circles of safety

  • View scenarios by space or by employee to compare and adjust floor plans
  • Set safe distance parameters with “distancing circles”
  • Click the floor plan to see recommendations based on your set minimum distance between desks

Measure the distance between two points

  • Know the width of your hallways and stairways so you can help employees safely navigate them
  • Measure the distance between two spaces with a simple click
  • Get dynamically generated recommendations when the space doesn’t meet your safety requirement
Manage traffic

Manage traffic flow, mark key features, and automate cleaning requests

  • Create options for traffic flow and display them on digital panels or within the Hummingbird mobile app
  • Through our sensor partners, you can create daily reports to streamline cleaning requests based on real-time space use
  • Mark sanitization stations on your floor plan for self-service cleaning

Planning your office re-entry strategy?

Get best practices from our free collection of tip sheets, webinars, e-books, and blogs.


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I highly recommend iOFFICE to anyone who is looking for a solution to elevate their workplace. It's amazing to work with a provider who values your input and actively works to satisfy the customer.

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Let’s start planning

Simple experience and peace of mind


Prevent overcrowding

in your office or workplace

Manage workplace

Manage workplace contact tracing

by knowing who sat where, when

Reduce touch

Reduce touch points

on shared surfaces with Hummingbird mobile app check-in, room and desk booking, and alerts

Create healthy

Create healthy workspaces

that help employees do their best work

Your complete safe workplace hub

Space-Right works with iOFFICE's fully integrated workplace experience management (iXMS) suite.

View each feature to see how you can:


From the same software employees use to:


What is strategic space planning?

How much could you save by condensing your available workspace and increasing remote work? How much more space will you need if you plan to increase distance between workstations or repurpose conference rooms into limited-capacity areas? Strategic space planning helps you run these scenarios before you move a single desk so you can make the best use of your real estate.

What’s the difference between social distancing and physical distancing?

While social distancing is the most commonly used term, many corporate real estate, workplace experience, and health leaders such as the WHO advocate for using alternates like physical distancing, spatial distancing, or safe distancing since human connections are more important than ever.

To manage social distancing in the workplace, businesses are adjusting the minimum distance between desks to help keep employees safe. With a strategic space planning feature like Space-Right, you can automatically reconfigure your floor plans, see the impact of potential changes before you make them, and stagger arrival times.

Why should I care about social distancing in the workplace?

While social distancing in the workplace became the norm during the COVID-19 pandemic, the ability to forecast occupancy scenarios is a powerful tool for the long term.

Whether you own or lease space, or occupy a single floor or campuses around the world, strategic space planning helps you scale your workplace with your business.

How does Space-Right create recommendations?

Our smart algorithm compares the minimum distance you set between employees to the distance between spaces on your floor plan. Based on the capacity for each area, it then labels spaces as Safe, Unsafe, Convert to Office, or Reduce Capacity.

Space-Right acts as a conference room capacity calculator. It flags any spaces where the conference room seating capacity doesn’t allow for the required distance between people (such as a room that measures 120 square feet but is designed to seat four people).

Because the algorithm measures from the center, and because occupants take up some of the space, the 6-foot distancing setting actually equates to a bit less than 6 feet. That’s why our recommended default measurement is 12 feet.


Ready to get started?

If you don’t use our space and move software yet, our team can get you up and running quickly. Providing copies of your polylined floor plans will put you on the fast track to smarter, safer space planning with Space-Right.

Let’s start planning

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