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Boost your workspace intelligence

with real-time occupancy data

Space management software from iOFFICE plus occupancy sensor hardware from VergeSense means real-time workplace insights for you and a safe, intuitive office experience for employees.


iOFFICE’s partnership with VergeSense enables you to reimagine your workspace and give hybrid employees a good reason to come into the office.

By combining workplace planning and space booking software with occupancy sensor hardware, you can create a safer, more flexible work environment employees are comfortable returning to.

Deploy sensors quickly to capture detailed, anonymous utilization data. Then, review space use with built-in analysis tools and make data-driven decisions to adapt and optimize your workspace strategy.

Benefits 1

Establish a safe-distancing policy

Benefits 2

Monitor policy compliance

Benefits 3

Analyze trends and reconfigure as needed


Consolidate data, insights, and action

iOFFICE’s native integration with VergeSense data gives you a one-stop shop for managing your workplace.

Visualize floorplan

Visualize sensor data on your office floor plan

  • Monitor real-time occupancy information anywhere in your portfolio
  • Analyze and respond to utilization trends with data that is aggregated automatically
  • Create dynamic sensor reports within iOFFICE’s space management software to measure KPIs
Empower employees

Empower employees with efficient space booking

  • Show a space’s occupancy status within the Hummingbird app so employees always know if a desk or room is available
  • Set space reservations to automatically check in when sensors detect movement
Reduce real estate costs

Reduce costs with data-driven space management

  • Inform agile seating ratios and space allocation with detailed utilization data
  • Optimize cleaning schedules by only sanitizing spaces that were occupied
  • Recapture wasted meeting space by automatically removing room reservations that have no occupants
Workplace sensors

Embrace data-driven strategic space planning with next-gen sensors

  • Real time, granular data – Optical sensors achieve accurate, real-time people counting for any space type
  • Set and forget – Install sensors in seconds that last up to 2 years with common AAA batteries
  • 100% anonymous – No personal identifiable information is collected or transferred

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