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The past year has presented incredible challenges, but also opportunities to offer a more dynamic, flexible workplace that attracts top talent while maintaining a competitive edge. To make the most of these opportunities, your organization needs the right data, technology and processes. This maturity assessment will give you a better understanding of your current workplace technology landscape and how you can introduce new solutions that improve space management and enhance your employee experience.

Gartner predicts that over the next several years, the greatest competitive advantage for 30% of organizations will come from the workforce’s ability to creatively exploit emerging technologies

What is this workplace technology assessment, and why do I need to take it?

The success of your future workplace depends on your ability to connect people, technology and data. Traditional integrated workplace management systems have focused primarily on maintaining buildings, but if the past year has taught us anything, it’s that the workplace is much more than the physical office environment.

Your technology should engage and empower your workforce while making it easier to manage building costs and plan for the future.

This 5-minute assessment will gauge your company’s maturity in five key areas of what we call the integrated experience management system (iXMS):

  • Space management
  • Integrations
  • Employee experience
  • Operations
  • Analytics
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What is iXMS?

Integrated workplace management software, or IWMS, has been adopted increasingly as forward-thinking workplaces integrate more and more facilities tools into a single management solution. However, these software fall short in considering a key component: the experience of putting all these things together, both for employees and leader stakeholders. We have pioneered an innovative approach to incorporating all aspects of workplace experience into our integrated workplace experience system — the next generation of IWMS.

iXMS is not one standard software system, but a flexible framework with infinite potential. It’s a way to unify many digital applications into one platform. It’s a 100% SaaS, multi-tenant platform, allowing for continuous integration and delivery. This creates scalability while eliminating the need for expensive upgrades

In other words, it’s built to fit the needs of your workplace and expand as your organization grows. It can solve one specific challenge, or completely transform the way your company operates.

The power of integrated experiences

We have worked with companies in every industry, helping them realize their continual next. Here are just a few examples.

The large healthcare company was using 58 different systems to manage facilities, IT and HR. By moving to an integrated system, the company:

  • Reduced total costs of ownership by floor
  • Simplified its technology stack
  • Improved service request response times

This global pharmaceutical company consolidated 11 smaller buildings into one for over 2,000 employees and tenants. Vertex now uses our iXMS to:

  • Help employees reserve equipment
  • Manage tenant billing and chargebacks
  • Manage parking

This architecture firm needed a better way to help employees navigate their new workplace and manage access. With iOFFICE, they:

  • Improved security with visitor management
  • Implemented a large wayfinding display
  • Simplified room reservations

Begin your preparation for the continual “next”

Take our 5-minute Workplace Technology Assessment