4 Reasons to Thank Your Workplace Leader Today

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on November 23, 2016

We normally don’t give our day-to-day routine much thought. We come to work, carry out our daily tasks and leave the office each night. If you didn’t show up the next day, your supervisor probably wouldn’t be too happy – but the workplace would still continue to hum along. However, have you ever stopped to think what would happen if your workplace leader decided not to show up? Believe us, you would notice. Especially this busy time of year, your facilities leader is working hard to make things happen behind the scenes. With Thanksgiving just around the corner, here’s a list of items that may not happen if your FM was MIA.


1. Your Packages Would End Up in TimbuktuiStock_89445289_LARGE.jpg

With the flood of mail everyone receives this time of year, not to mention the increase in expensive gifts we order, many employees choose to send items to their place of business to ensure a safe arrival. This increases your office mailroom’s capacity quite a bit. While regulating normal everyday business deliveries is often part of the FMs job, adding everyone’s gifts to the mix can pile up quickly. If your packages are arriving on time, and as expected, you can thank your FM for that. 

2. You Would Only Have One Workspace (probably a cubicle)

Some people prefer to work in a serene environment with the privacy of a quiet room while others may prefer the energetic hustle and hum of an open environment. There will be occasions where you need a conference room to accommodate your entire team, or a time when you need space with a dry-erase board to spark a brainstorm session. The work you do varies, and who you do it with varies as well. If your office provides multiple spaces for multiple types of work, consider yourself lucky. You can thank your FM for recognizing that there are different types of people in your office, and for providing a suitable space for each of you to thrive in. 

4_Reasons_Thank_Your_FM.jpg3. Your Carbon Footprint Would Be Huge

You’re reading this article, so chances are you have functioning electricity in your building. But, where is that power coming from? These days many workers prefer the company they work for have the environment’s well being in mind. While this isn’t a requirement for many offices, if you have renewable sources of energy in your building, you can thank your FM for that.

Do you have a choice when you go to throw your lunch away? Maybe you have a recycle bin or if your workplace is truly advanced separate containers for compost, plastic and paper. These options are certainly important to have, but they’re again not a requirement. If your facilities leader has taken the initiative of offering these options to your workforce, it’s because they know it’s important to the people who work in your building. Also, what about those bike racks that encourage alternate transportation? You can thank your FM for those too. 

4. Your Office Wouldn’t Be Mobile

If you have a remote team, or colleagues that frequently travel – are you still able to communicate with them easily when they’re away and when they’ve returned? If your workplace uses a wayfinding tracking system, you can reserve space for future meetings when people come into town, see what rooms are available, and share with visitors how to get there. You may also be able to request services while you’re away yourself, using your company’s IWMS system. These features are all part of the FM team’s day-to-day, that make your day a bit easier. 

Your workplace manager’s job is primarily behind the scenes, but make no mistake, the items they’re responsible for are definitely front and center stage when it comes to the well being of the workplace. They are the eyes, ears and heart of your building, whether you realize this or not. Take a moment to thank your workplace manager and their team for all that they do, after all, you wouldn’t be sitting in that comfortable office chair if it weren’t for them. 


Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

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