5 Things Apple and iOFFICE Workplace Technology Have in Common

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on May 19, 2017

Apple is the most valuable and recognizable brand in the world. It’s the first company to reach $700 billion in market value, and offers consumers a product line that, to quote the late CEO Steve Jobs, “just works.” Simple in both design and usability, these products have set a global standard for the future of technology. At iOFFICE, we believe your workplace technology investment should be just as user-friendly, streamlined and aesthetically pleasing as consumer tech. 5 Things Apple and iOFFICE Workplace Technology Have in Common

We’re also willing to admit we’ve been inspired by The Fruit. Here are five things Apple and iOFFICE products have in common:

Apple's technology is easy to use for all users, like iOFFICE's IWMS1. Effortless, Wireless ‘Super Tools’

Apple doesn’t engineer tools by focusing on the technology first. The company zeros in on the user and only creates tools that they themselves would want to use. Its engineers know if software is difficult or confusing to use, users will likely question their understanding and create alternative workarounds to avoid issues. Avoidance creates an inefficient workflow, thus rendering the product inefficient.

Similarly, iOFFICE created an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) focused on making the experience as intuitive and effortless for the end user as possible. Our workplace technology tools solve specific universal facilities management challenges; issues we dealt with in our own experiences and wanted to fix. Our architects relentlessly analyze user behavior to develop logical workflows and ensure that users navigate our solutions with ease. We also focus on supporting mobility to empower the agile worker.

2. Robust Workplace Technology

The Silicon Valley giant makes technology look simple. Their products are sleek but filled to the brim with capabilities and special features. Beyond the user-friendly interfaces, you’ll discover one of the most complex and ultra-intelligent platforms in existence.

iOFFICE solutions are also the product of precise software engineering. Users see a suite of easy-to-navigate tools designed to improve the workplace environment. On the inside, we developed a powerful platform that is robust, adaptive and easy to integrate.

3. Ideal for Any Size Organization

Products like the iPhone are universal and arguably one of the most ubiquitous pieces of technology today. Similarly, iOFFICE wasn’t designed for a particular type or size organization. Our solutions address workplace issues that are shared by leadership across the spectrum.

Whether you run a small office or a multi-location enterprise, a retail store or a manufacturing plant — we have scalable solutions that will improve your overall operation.

Like Apple products, iOFFICE is now an extension of facilities leaders' lives

4. Seamless Integration

The iPhone also has become an extension of everyday life for those of us who use it. There’s an app for everything, which keeps the brand’s devices in the palm of our hands for countless tasks and chores throughout the day. iOFFICE workplace software strives to do the same for facilities leaders.

When properly integrated, our workplace technology becomes a seamless part of daily facilities management; it’s hard to imagine doing the same job without them. Whether you’re tracking and managing space, resources and assets, monitoring visitors, fielding work order requests, overseeing maintenance resolution or tracing your organization’s mail and delivery system — our solution can become your best sidekick.

5. Unparalleled Customer Experience

Apple is known for its unique in-store experience and exemplary customer support. From their genius bar and product sampling to online tech support — help is always available.

At iOFFICE, customer experience is always top of mind. We build tools that empower our customers to provide better service to their customers. We educate on how to leverage technology to improve internal operations, which directly and indirectly impacts the customer experience. Most importantly, we practice what we preach by offering our customers free IWMS demos, a Knowledge Base where customers can quickly look up answers to common software questions, call support and online ticket submissions.

Technology is only as powerful as your ability to use it. With this philosophy in mind, iOFFICE is determined to continue pushing boundaries and engineering the most intuitive and intelligent workplace technology tools available.


Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers

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