Day In The Life Of An iOffice Dog: Abby & Zoe

by Kaitlan Whitteberry on October 17, 2014

We are so fortunate to have a company culture where dogs are allowed in our office! The “iOffice Dogs” have made quite a name for themselves, and always greet our visitors, clients and mailmen with wagging tails. We’ve interviewed our pups to get their take on what it’s like to work at our Houston headquarters. 

Names: Abby & Zoe iOffice dogs Abby and Zoe

Breed: Jack Russell Terrier & Doberman Pinscher

Department: Nap Coordinator & Hall Monitor Management

Supervisor: Jessica Rodriguez

1). What is your favorite thing about coming to work?

Abby: Well, I love that I can scout out all of the people eating and I often sit patiently waiting for them to drop something. Zoe and I love to spend the day with all of the other dogs and people in the office. It would be so lonely at home.

Zoe: I can walk up to different people all day long and get a good rub. And if they ignore me, I just use my nose to move their arm so they will rub me. Sometimes the people even leave food on their desks- I figure they’re saving it for me! The iOffice employees are so thoughtful. 

2).  What is your job-title and describe your duties.

Abby: Well, as nap coordinator – taking naps is my specialty.

Zoe: I take my job very seriously. Monitoring these halls takes work! I usually let everyone know if any visitors are coming in by announcing them with my best bark. Now don’t let my booming bark fool you…I am actually the biggest chicken in the office.

3). Take me through a quick walk-through of your typical day.

Abby: Just driving to work makes me sleepy, so I start the day with a nap. Then I take a few more naps during the day and then we head home for the afternoon commute. I love my life.  

Zoe: As Abby settles in for her morning nap, I take charge of getting my morning tummy rub by Terry, and then I set up shop to greet everyone when they come in.

4). Is there an Alpha Dog?

Abby: As far as I am concerned, I am alpha. Right? Some dog named Lucy irritates me every once and a while. Who does she think she is?

Zoe: Don’t tell her, but Abby thinks she’s alpha. She is always telling ME what to do – because I am the only one who will listen to her. But the truth is, Lucy is the alpha dog. Every now and then, they get in to it. 

5).  Name something you’ve learned since you began working at iOffice.

Abby: I have learned that goldfish are delicious, and that napping five times per day is the optimal amount. 

Zoe: I know that I am not suppose to bark since this is an office but i just can’t help myself so I am constantly getting in trouble. I have learned that people like quiet time at work.  

iOffice, Inc. dogs Abby and Zoe

Fun Fact:

Abby: Everyone knows I am the boss of the house even though people say I am the smallest member. With toys, my goal is to tear the squeaker out and then it is useless to me. At the office, I don’t really like any other dogs in my area, especially Lucy. 

Zoe: I would much rather be outside than inside. I love to sit on the porch to make sure that the deer do not come in my backyard and if they do, I run them off. The only toy that I am is interested in is my tennis ball. 


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