Debunking The Most Commonly Cited Myths About IWMS

by James McDonald on August 21, 2014

We at iOffice, have had the good fortune of working closely with many companies and workspace managers, assisting them in coming up with solutions to help their organizations run smoother and more efficiently. In building these relationships, we have discovered there are several common myths regarding Integrated Workplace Management Systems (IWMS) that span every sized company and industry.

We wanted to take a moment to address some of the most common myths and reveal the truth behind each one.

Myth 1: IWMS tools aren’t easy to use and require weeks of training, numerous 3 ring binders and a dedicated person that is a genius.

There are many solutions that require weeks of training, meaning lost hours and frustrated employees. At the end of the training, they don’t know much more than they did when they started and have only a iOffice debunks a few myths about IWMSbinder to reference. But this does not have to be the case.

The Truth: Do not skimp on training and find a software vendor who is dedicated to this valuable piece to the puzzle.

In an effort to save on time and money, this is an area where many feel they can cut corners. But the reality is, proper training is essential to the success of your newly integrated tools. Therefore, companies should make the subject of training part of their decision-making process. While there are some vendors whose training sessions are a costly waste of time, this doesn’t have to be the case. The iOffice team recognizes the value of quality training. We train throughout the implementation process and make sure that the key people who will be using the tool are on the calls with us learning as we build your software solution. If you do not choose iOffice, be sure you hire a vendor that values the training process and offers continued support once implementation is complete.

Myth 2: Our employees won’t change their ways and input tickets into system or update information.

Change is difficult for everyone, especially when it comes to the workplace. Even if the current tools aren’t working properly, you’re in a rhythm and no one wants to add more work to their already overwhelming to-do list.

The Truth: The proper IWMS is built with the employees in mind, enhancing their job, not hindering it.

We live in a very competitive environment. Businesses who do not stay relevant by keeping up with technology will get left behind by both their customers and their employees. While change is hard on everyone, it is necessary for staying relevant in the game. Regardless of the size of your company or the industry you are in, there are a lot of moving pieces to the puzzle and it is complicated to keep everything straight.

Companies are continuously changing and evolving. New processes are implemented, new employees come on board, as well as new management. Employees adjust and evolve with these changes. If a new technology tool is in your future, then you will undoubtedly need new processes. We encourage you to consult with your employees during the planning stages, to better identify those procedures that need to be improved upon and/or changed. Make sure you have a plan in place and it is clearly communicated to your employees. Once you have done that, iOffice will work with you in building the software solution that your people will want to use, as it enhances their job. Our modules are simple and easy to use and provide everyone the mobility they need to do their job regardless of the time of day or location. They won’t believe they ever did it any other way!

Myth 3: You can’t gauge ROI from Integrated workplace management system tools.

Part of the reason why executives rise to the top is because of their attention to detail and skill at crunching the numbers. This is the only way to ensure every penny is spent wisely, with a solid return on investment. Many argue that there is no way to measure the returns from investing in an IWMS.

The Truth: The answer is in the numbers.

The most effective way to de-bunk this myth is by producing the numbers. If you are just getting started, you first want to determine what your company’s goals are and what top challenges your facility is faced with. Our ebook 8 Metrics Every Facility Manager Should Track provides you real world examples of challenges other companies are up against, along with solutions and concrete results. Thecase studiessection of our website is also a great resource, which outlines how some of our clients have solved issues that every business faces. From proper space utilization, to proper asset management, and mobility for employees, utilization of the proper facilities management software helps organizations head off issues early, decreasing overall costs and, in turn, increasing revenue.

Myth 4: IWMS tools are very costly.

Whenever we make major changes such as the implementation of new software, the expectation is that it will be very costly in both time and money. Many feel a project of this magnitude is only affordable for large corporations.

The Truth: You do not have to sacrifice quality to purchase an affordable Integrated Workplace Management System.

Again, finding the solution that is a perfect fit for your company’s needs AND its budget all starts in the planning stages. Identify what the facility’s long and short-term goals are, as well as what processes are working and which are not. Some vendors require you to purchase their software solutions in bundles, loading you down with tools that will go unused. iOffice works closely with you to determine which modules fit your current needs. This allows you to focus on the present goals, leaving the door open to integrate additional modules as your needs expand. This approach not only makes the IWMS more affordable, it also helps ensure your employees will use the new system. If you overwhelm them by changing all processes at once, they are more likely to fight the change.

It used to be that integration was the differentiator in IWMS. Today in 2020, it’s the functional interface you encounter when all those integrated tools come together that sets IWMS solutions apart.

iOFFICE’s 100% cloud-based software platform is built with the workplace experience at the center, so you can increase productivity substantially and connect everyone/everything/everywhere. It also allows employees to access a variety of workplace services from a mobile app, kiosk or desktop with little to no training required. It’s as intuitive as the popular apps your employees are already using.

If your company is searching for a solution to better manage your space, assets, and/or preventive maintenance tasks, an Integrated Workplace Management System is likely your next step. Simply deciding to utilize such a system can be overwhelming and sifting through your various options can be an even more daunting task. While implementation of such a tool will help lead you on your path to achieving your goals, careful planning and asking the right questions in the beginning stages is critical to its (and your) success. Align yourself with the proper vendor and the possibilities are endless.


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