Facilities maintenance software improve fire safety measures

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 4, 2014

Occupant safety is the most important duty assigned to facilities managers. Comfortable climates are nice and collaborative workspaces are beneficial, but FMs who fail to stay on point with safety measures can put tenants in danger or even make buildings uninhabitable. Fortunately, new technologies like facility maintenance software are making it easier for FMs to fulfill their safety-related responsibilities, reports Today’s Facility Manager. 

With internet-based applications, FMs can access data about fire safety equipment leases, previous maintenance checks and diagnostic reviews, whether they’re on-site or in a remote location, the media outlet reports. 

Facility maintenance software can help FMs fulfill their fire safety responsibilities.

Having better insight about the current status of equipment can help FMs identify weak links in fire safety systems that might leave buildings vulnerable to disasters, reports Facilities Net. Due to a multitude of components such as sprinkler heads, central control panels, pull stations, stand pipes and pumps, most facilities managers need assistance to confirm that all equipment is in working order or in queue for regular evaluations.

Facility maintenance software harnesses reports from various team members in one central application, which can be used to pull up system data for audits or during emergency situations, the source adds. 



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