Benefits of Facilities Management Software for SMBs

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 27, 2015

There are several benefits of facilities management software for SMBs. One of the many myths surrounding facilities management software is that it is only useful for big companies. Smaller businesses have long discredited the impact an Integrated Workplace Management System, or IWMS, can have on their success, effectively closing themselves off to a whole new world of business which can, over time, move them to the top of their field. While specific uses tend to vary from industry to industry, the premise remains the same – an IWMS is there to help businesses keep track of assets, maintenance, and disparate information. It streamlines processes and help bring the workforce together, taking much of the statistical ambiguity out of running a successful business. Let’s take a look at 5 benefits of facilities management software for small business.

Top Benefits of Facilities Management Software

  • Asset Management
  • Facility Maintenance
  • Mobility
  • Making the Most of Office Space
  • Lower Costs

Asset Management


If you’ve been keeping track of company assets manually, through spreadsheets and paper-based systems, your capabilities are most likely limited. These increasingly outdated methods mainly function as itemized lists, can be difficult to properly analyze and leave too much room for human error. An integrated management system offers real time data, such as asset tracking and costs associated with the management of those assets, allowing for a more fluid and efficient management of your company’s investments.

Facility Maintenance

Much like our own bodies, equipment runs longer and more efficiently when regularly maintained. Facility Maintenance software takes the guesswork out of maintaining company assets, as well as any compliance issues. By automating such operations, you free yourself from tedious operating tasks, so you can focus on more strategic decisions. You’ll receive increased life from your investments and safeguard against lost productivity, due to equipment down time. And that equals money back to the company bottom line.


No matter the size of your company, there is no denying the need for mobility in today’s workplace. Gartner recognized “mobile device diversity and management” as the current top strategic technology trend. “As employees become more mobile and workplace design more flexible, a seamless integration of technology tools and usage policies are essential for success.” This means setting up our workforce with the proper tools to successfully work wherever and whenever they happen to be.

Making the Most of Office Space

The key to retaining your top employees and maintaining productivity lies in keeping the workplace engaging. This means offering an environment that enhances communication and offering workspaces to meet a diverse set of needs. Therefore, companies of every size have a vested interest in how their spaces are utilized. Space management software offers managers insight into how their real estate is currently allocated and what areas need improvement. If change is in order, your IWMS will help you determine the most efficient way to maximize on your office space.

Lower Costs

Many business owners look at the initial cost of such software and find it difficult to justify the benefits in terms of dollars, ultimately making them resistant to change. The true benefits of such systems, though, far exceed the cost. Reduced turnover, increased morale stemming from more efficient processes, added value via proper maintenance and usage of equipment and spatial investments, and an overall transparency into organizational processes are some of the highlights of what an IWMS can offer.

If you feel your business or budget is just too small to benefit from such a system, remember that many facility management systems are scalable to match the size and budget of your company. Can your business afford lost business and productivity from inefficient processes, inoperable equipment and employee turnover? The old adage of spending money to make money has never rang more true.


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