Pros & Cons Of SaaS Facilities Management Software

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on February 23, 2015

From increased security to savings across the board, facilities managers utilizing SaaS nased facilities management programs would agree there are numerous benefits to implementation. However, some facilities managers are still skeptical of moving all of their building’s protected information into the cloud. We break down the benefits while conquering the cons of IWMS Software as a Service. 

INFOGRAPHIC: The Pros & Cons Of Saas Based Software

Moving your entire facility management to an online system can seem overwhelming. However when you consider the 82% of companies who realized business savings after implementation, and 93% who have seen an improvement in their IT department after utilizing a SaaS facilities management software, is it worth it? There are surely risks involved. Is cloud software really less secure, and possibly even unreliable?

You’re completely justified in having these types of questions, we would have them too. As a SaaS facilities management software provider we encounter every skeptical consumer concern out there, and that’s a good thing! Facilities managers care about the well being of their facility, and they want to be sure their decisions will have positive influences, not headaches.

To help answer your questions, we’ve developed an infographic that explains not only the pros of software-as-a-service, but the negatives too. We want you to be fully educated before making the decision if an IWMS software is the right fit for your office. Also, be sure to check out The Ultimate IWMS Buyer’s Guide to learn even more!

We hope you enjoy the The Pros & Cons Of SaaS Based Software infographic, and feel free to share it with colleagues. To see it all for yourself, click here to view the infographic, or click on the button below.


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