Introducing Our New FAQ Series

by James McDonald on September 7, 2017

As a SaaS-based software company, we receive a few questions about what exactly our product does, what it can’t do, and how it can help our customers achieve their business goals. In addition to the Knowledge Center support on our website, each week we will be addressing some of the most common questions we receive, to help you better understand what the iOFFICE IWMS solution is all about.

iOFFICE is a SaaS-based IWMS software built for facilities leaders to better understand their buildings while also giving them the data they need to plan for the future. We offer 10 modules designed to help you plan, build and grow, from space management to asset tracking, room reservations and wayfinding. iOFFICE empowers facilities managers to accelerate workplace innovation. We strive to provide an agile, configurable IWMS that grows and adapts to a company’s needs. Below are some of our most FAQs about our software. 

1) How often do I need to update iOFFICE’s IWMS Software? 

Because iOFFICE is a SaaS-based solution, and an evergreen app, you never actually have to update the solution yourself. All updates are completed automatically within our system. 

2) With regards to licensing, how many licenses are included and how are they packaged?

What’s great about iOFFICE is we offer unlimited licenses. Our solution is based per module, so once users select their modules, they then will have unlimited users. Potentially your entire organization has access to the program with no additional cost to you.

3) Is iOFFICE compatible with server OS?

We’re browser-independent and web-based. All our users need is an internet connection to access our software. 

4) Is it possible to install the iOFFICE IWMS solution on our own infrastructure?

Considering iOFFICE is completely web-based, there is no need to install any part of our solution. Once your company’s site is created and running, you will always have access to the system while you’re a customer. 
5) Is iOFFICE a global vendor (do you have sales reps all around the world)?
iOFFICE currently has sales reps throughout the United States that cover East Coast through West Coast time zones including Mexico, South America and Canada. For our international prospects, we have a channel partner network that reaches all corners of the globe. We want to ensure we can bring the iOFFICE solution to the masses across the world!

6) How many languages does iOFFICE IWMS come in?

Our platform is quite multi-lingual, and comes in eleven languages. We support English (US), English (UK), Chinese, Czech, French, German, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Swedish. 

7) Does iOFFICE’s Facilities Management Software come with training?

Absolutely. We include training as a standard best practice for all of our modules. Our Product Engagement Specialist is in contact with our newest customers to help them get the ball rolling. Offering initial training and support is one of our best practices to help ensure on-boarding of new users is seamless. 

8) Can iOFFICE’s SaaS-based software be customized?

Like the great George Rogers used to say “we want your process to drive our software and not our software to drive your software process.” Yes, we are highly-configurable, and do our best to meet our customer’s needs. We use feedback and suggestions from our users to inspire future stages of development. We also are one of the few SaaS-based IWMS solutions to offer separate modules that can be purchased individually or all together. We want you to invest only in what you need, and nothing more.  

9) What happens with my data if I leave iOFFICE?

Considering our 98% customer retention rate we have to admit we don’t have much experience in this area, however we absolutely give complete ownership of data back to our customers if they decide to discontinue use of our solution. It is your data, and you would get it back in the format of your choice within the time frame discussed in the agreement.  
We think iOFFICE is the most powerful IWMS solution on the market, and we’re happy to answer any questions you may have to help you think so too. Stay tuned each Thursday for the next installment of our FAQ blog. See you then!


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