iOFFICE Announces New IWMS Software Reporting Feature

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on June 4, 2014

We have big news! Our new custom reporting feature is now available for our current users. iOFFICE customers have requested this new addition, and we were listening! Users will now have the freedom to design reports in a way that best reflects their needs as a facility, allowing them to pinpoint the exact statistics they want in their reports. Read on to learn more about this new addition to our software. 

Our IWMS web-based software includes 10 modules that offer a wide range of services that help facilities managers run their buildings more efficiently. Currently the program includes space, move, asset, service request, file and visitor management,iOffice gives their IWMS software portal a new and improved look room reservations, mail room and copy management and supply monitoring. The modules are offered separately or can be integrated together depending on our customers’ needs. We often develop updates based on customer feedback, and the latest addition is the new ability for users to create custom reports in their dashboard.

The new advanced reporting capability is also part of our software’s completely redesigned interface. The new custom reporting engine will provide new levels of visibility and provide presentation materials of users’ information. With the power of the new reports, facilities managers will be able to create dashboards and select from detailed charts and graphs all with varying levels of customization. The new reporting engine will give iOFFICE users a new level of power in what they can do with their building’s data. Instead of only using the iOFFICE pre-made reports, individuals can take a pieces of data and create their own charts and reports. We want our users to have the freedom to make the reports that matter to their individual departments and information requirements depending on their needs at that time. The iOFFICE development team often creates updates to enhance the specific module system our customers use everyday. However, this update applies to all modules, and will completely change the way the end user can utilize the data iOFFICE supplies.

This reporting feature allows users to design charts based on room occupancy, space utilization, asset lifespan, patterns of iOffice creates a new IWMS software reporting featuremaintenance requests, employee movement and an entire range of additional situations. Our company is thrilled to release this new aspect of our software to users, and we have been working diligently to ensure all customer’s opinions are taken into consideration.

We will begin rolling out this update with a few select customers, and will continue to collect feedback to then make any necessary changes. The new interface appearance and custom reporting feature will become available to all existing accounts June 2014. 


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