IWMS Feature that you may not know about

by James McDonald on November 19, 2015

Anyone who is considering an Integrated Workplace Management System investment, or has already taken that leap, knows and understands the multitude of benefits of an IWMS. Many businesses choose a FM software solution for enhanced efficiency, transparency, flexibility, and customer satisfaction in their facilities management processes. An Integrated Workplace Management System supports business processes in real estate management, maintenance planning and control, space and workplace management, services management, and sustainability. For the highest quality in management, compliance, and monitoring and control, it is essential that your system offers users a single platform for connecting multiple business processes.

At iOffice, we understand the need to have all your business functions in one, centralized platform. Our IWMS performs all the important business functions listed above; but we are always seeking out ways to enhance your day-to-day business management. We wanted to share with you some exciting things you might not know you can do with the iOFFICE IWMS desktop and mobile applications. Let’s take a look at a few of our favorites.

1) Add Assets from Amazon

The iOffice Asset Management software module and mobile application makes tracking your facility’s tangible assets easier and more precise. If your organization orders supplies from Amazon, your team will love this! You can now add assets and their images to your Asset Management software, directly from Amazon.com. When adding an item to your cart, a window will open up. Simply choose the model type from the drop-down menu, enter the name, model number, or scan a barcode and then click on the magnifying glass icon. Choose your item from the results and click OK. It’s as simple as that!

2) Facility Inspections

To ensure your facility is operating at full capacity, inspections must be performed on a regular basis. Building and equipment conditions should be inspected andiOffice service request screen shot mobile app reported, and a strict, yet flexible maintenance plan must be in place. Facility inspections should also include pinpointing any security vulnerabilities and risk assessments should be regularly performed.

iOFFICE includes mobile solutions so inspections can be conducted from anywhere in the building, regardless of Internet availability. You have the ability to capture inspection data, attach photos, access pre-populated inspection forms, and manage service requests/approvals from anywhere in the facility. Through powerful reporting and analytics, improved operational visibility is achieved, helping your FM team identify trends and plan accordingly.  

3)  Key Management

If you have a fleet of vehicles or multiple locations, key management is a critical aspect of your business strategy. Between employees, visitors, cleaning personnel, and outside technicians, access control and key management play an important role in protecting your business. The depth of security needed varies from company to company, depending upon the sensitivity of equipment and services your organization offers. Your iOffice IWMS efficiently supports daily management by facilitating the task of coordinating access based on user needs, inventorying keys and access cards, and ensuring you’re processes fulfill legal compliance rules and regulations.

Through standard reporting, management can see at a glance, a clear overview as to who has been granted access to what rooms and vehicles. Enhanced transparency ensures the processes you have established are working to protect the organization on every level.

4)  Parking Space Management

The Space Module allows you to get the most out of your available office space or facility space. For many, the office isn’t the only space they need to manage. Much like your desk space, the iOffice Space Management Module affords you the ability to assign a parking space to a particular employee. You can then manage and view the employee’s parking space with the Space Pinger. Have another type of space you need to track and manage? We do our best to accommodate and customize your modules to fit your needs. We even designed the OpenSpace app to afford one client the capability of reserving company bike space at one of their facilities. 

iOffice parking reservation mobile IWMS

5)  Building Safety Inspections

According to a new report by AFL-CIO, the country’s largest federation of labor unions, approximately 150 US workers die each day from hazardous working conditions. A staggering 3.8 million work-related injuries and illnesses have been reported; and analysts suspect the true numbers are likely closer to 2 or 3 times iOffice mobile request type screen shot that number, as many injuries go unreported. Many of these injuries and deaths could be avoided, through organizational investment in education and higher standards against ergonomic hazards, infectious diseases, chemical exposures, workplace violence, and routine inspections and maintenance of equipment.

With your IWMS, your Facilities team can track and manage the facilities, equipment, work sites, safety gear, and other properties that contribute to the safety and health of your workforce. The system helps keep up with when facilities have been inspected for fire and electrical safety, which lead to about 1,610 fires and about $162 million in property damages each year. Along with maintaining accurate records of servicing dates and details of all facility equipment, data and analytics help management determine the condition of building components, which measures must be triggered by what time, and what the prospective costs are. By taking the proactive approach, the risk of workplace accidents is significantly reduced, helping your organizational budget stay in the green.

6)  Building Warranty Submission System

To reduce your company’s bottom line, Facilities teams must ensure all building components lie within their service life and live up to the standards of warranties. Through your Building Warranty Submission System, you can maintain accurate records of all warranty documents and requirements. Inspection findings, servicing data, and photos are all right there at your fingertips, in case your technicians ever need access to this information, or should you ever need to submit a claim.

7) Clean Desk Policy Inspections

When hearing about IT security breaches, many of us envision a hacker sitting in their basement clicking away. Studies indicate, however, that this is not usually iOffice clean desk inspection feature IWMSthe case. As you leave the desk each day, how many files do you leave on your desk in plain view? Like most of us, you probably assume everyone entering the building once you leave for the day are authorized personnel, right? But how can you be sure someone wasn’t able to slide past security, or that someone from the overnight crew isn’t interested in making a little extra money on the side?

For this reason, many companies have implemented a Clean Desk Policy, requiring the desk to be free of sticky notes and files with sensitive information, drawers are locked upon leaving, and that computers are password protected. Along with safety, many companies have found that desks free of clutter contribute to a more organized and productive workplace environment. Educating your workforce as to what is expected of them and, more importantly, why, will ensure your organization’s Clean Desk Policy is respected. Many management teams are using their FM software solutions to develop and distribute clean desk checklists and perform periodic inspections.

The iOffice team understands the world of business and what it takes to succeed in this ever-changing and competitive market. We consistently work as a team to enhance our IWMS features and modules and mobile applications to keep your FM team ahead of the competition. I invite you to get to know our system’s capabilities, as well as keep up with what’s on the horizon by exploring the iOffice Portal and App Updates/Customer Blog. Stay tuned, our Technology team is currently working on tools to help you better manage your facility’s energy consumption.


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