5 Ways To Leave a Lasting Legacy For Your Facility Managers

by George Rogers on May 11, 2015

Whether you’ve just started a new position or you’re moving into retirement, you might wonder what kind of legacy you’ll leave at your current company. How have you transformed your workplace in a positive way? How will you transform it? As a manager, you can create a lasting legacy that your facilities management team will remember.

1. Know Who You Are

Your values shape your legacy. Every year or even more frequently, take a look at your values and how they align with the values of your organization. How could you better express these values? From your values, How will you help your organization grow and change? create a set of guiding principles that remind you how you strive to act and what you try to do in your job. For example, if one of your values is to create a working environment where everyone achieves success, translate this into a guiding principle that states how you’ll work with all staff to determine their strengths and allow them to use those strengths for the benefit of the company.

2. Know Where You Are Going

When you entered this current position, you probably considered why this role was a good fit for your skills and experience. You also thought about what unique elements you would bring to the job and how this career move would help you and the organization grow. As you contemplate your legacy today, look back at the other parts of your career and try to summarize your legacy there. What is the next step in your leadership story? Find places where your unique abilities and the company’s needs converge, and you’ve found your niche.

3. Build a Successful Facility Management Team

When you build a successful team, their success becomes your legacy as well. What changes does your company need? Whatever the challenges and wherever the need for innovation lies, you’ll need a strong facilities management team to take them on. Show care for your employees, and focus on how their own talents can contribute to everyone’s success. Your leadership and legacy should not end when you leave. Through smart hiring decisions and courageous decisions about staff teams and projects, you can build a leadership team that will continue to lead well even long after you are gone.

4. Take Risks and Be Responsible

As a team leader, it’s your job to be a responsible force in your organization, making wise decisions that will help your company succeed. It’s also your responsibility to take managed risks to help your company grow and change. The risks you take will shape your legacy, and you’ll need to have the courage to make those decisions and stand firm behind them.

5. Grow Together

At each different organization, you will likely have a different legacy. A legacy isn’t just something that you look back on at the end of your career. As a facilities manager, you create change in your organization. You also develop as a manager over the course of your career. As you move from one position to the next or from one company to the next, your legacy will change because you will change. When you think of what you’d like to create or change at your current organization, think about how you’d like you and your organization to grow together.

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