Everything You Want To Know About Our New Safe Distancing Feature

by Rebecca Symmank on May 19, 2020

Our new Space-Right™  feature makes office space planning simple by automatically reconfiguring your floor plans with a simple slider, based on physical distance parameters.

It makes it much easier for business leaders to plan a safe return to work amid ongoing concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Many of our customers and others have already expressed interest in Space-Right since we released it earlier this month.

We’ve also received many great questions about how it works, so we wanted to take a moment to answer them here.

What Is The Space-Right™ Office Space Planning Feature?

Space-Right is an added feature that works with iOFFICE’s space and move management software.

Using this new office space planning tool, workplace leaders can designate the amount of space they want between workspaces to align with the U.S. Center for Disease Control’s guidelines to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet, or 2 meters.

Space-Right’s smart algorithm will then automatically generate new seating scenarios based on those parameters. You can use this feature to reassign seats and create move tickets to adjust the layout of their office.

This can help you return to work faster while giving employees peace of mind. It also allows you to ease restrictions or deploy them again as needed.

Space-Right FAQs

How does Space-Right know which spaces to consider for reduced capacity and “convert to office?”

The Space-Right algorithm calculates the maximum capacity of occupiable office spaces based on the maximum number of people divided by the total floor occupancy. It designates spaces as “safe” or “unsafe” based on the distance between the centers of two occupiable spaces and compares against the distancing parameters you set. The algorithm then flags any spaces where the size of the room and maximum capacity would not allow for this distance between people (such as a conference room that measures 120 square feet but is designed to seat four people).

It will label these spaces as “Safe,” “Unsafe,” “Convert to Office,” or “Reduce Capacity.”

Because the algorithm measures from the center, and because occupants take up some of the space, the 6-foot distancing setting actually equates to a bit less than 6 feet. That’s why our recommended default measurement is 12 feet.

Does it suggest or create options for traffic flow within the workspace?

Space-Right does not currently have options for traffic flow; however, this is something you could create within iOFFICE’s wayfinding software. You can mark points of interest—including suggested routes—on maps and display them on digital panels or within the Hummingbird mobile app.

Is there a way to create automated maintenance requests for cleaning after a reservation?

While this isn’t a Space-Right feature, this is something we have recently implemented with our sensor partners. You can learn more about that by joining our webinar with CoWorkr this week or listening to the recording afterward.

How long does it take for existing customers to implement Space-Right?

Great news—if you already have iOFFICE’s space and move management software, this feature is already available to you at no additional cost for the first 90 days.

Space management software administrators will see a navigation link from the space module to the app. (Note that only admins have permission to access it.)

You’ll see a panel on the left and a floor plan on the right with controls to zoom in or out and select a building and floor. You’ll also see a toggle to turn the safe distancing parameters on or off.

When the safe distancing toggle is turned on, a Safety Level slider will appear with a minimum distance of 6 feet and a maximum distance of 25 feet.

How do I get started if I’m not an iOFFICE customer? 

You will need to purchase our space and move management software to use Space-Right, but if you’re using another solution that shows configured space types on your floor plan, you’re already halfway there. Our team can add your floor plans to our software system and get you on the fast track to implementation in as little as two weeks.

Ready for a closer look at Space-Right? Request a live demo today.


Rebecca Symmank

As a member of the Business Development team for iOFFICE, Rebecca is spirited and is quick to take initiative. Previously a customer and daily user of the IWMS provider, she has extensive experience on both the front and back end structure of the product. Rebecca's enthusiasm for facilities management and her tangible experience in the field give her an unprecedented understanding and perception of iOFFICE customers. Rebecca is able to relate to organizations implementing on IWMS, and has a unique perspective on what makes the experience a success.

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