Our Top IWMS Software Updates Of 2014

by Kenton Gray on July 10, 2014

Our main objective at iOffice is to create innovative IWMS software solutions that make the everyday tasks of the facilities and office manager a bit easier. We always accept requests from our customers for updates to the platform, because who understands what they need better than them? Here are a few of our customer’s favorite updates of this year. 

For All Modules

Languages Added

We added more language support to iOffice to help our customers across the world. Now available in the iOffice system are European Spanish, European French, German, Brazilian-Portuguese and Simple Chinese. Additional languages are currently in development to reach more people and serve more countries in the future.

New Reporting Engine

This feature allows users to create reports all on their own, without any need to request data from iOffice. It gives users the ability to track and showcase the information most important to them and their FM team. Users can still access the pre-made reports in every account, but will have the freedom to pick and choose the information shown if they so desire.Screen_Shot_2014-04-03_at_4.12.49_PM

New User Experience

The developers at iOffice have completely re-designed look of the user interface. Every module is now cleaner, more modern and more customizable for users. The new look is consistent across all modules, and makes information easier to find with a visually appealing layout.


Asset Mobile App

The asset module is now accessible through an app from a smartphone or tablet. The module mobile app provides users with the ability to access their assets while our of the office either on their mobile device or tablet. This app is available for both iOS devices and for Andorid users.

Adding Attachments to Assets

This update allows users to add various files, such as pictures, videos, or any type of document that would be useful to have paired directly with adjoining assets. Makes identifying assets easier in the queue.


Mail Module Check In Location Feature

This new feature allows mail users to select locations to better sort the mail items that arrive at their facility. Mail users can add locations based on their current mailroom situation or building layout and then select their choices when a package arrives to alert the receiver of its specific location. This makes it easier for mail recipients to find their mail without confusion.


Room Availability Calendar

Our latest module, OpenSpace, allows users to access available rooms and reservable space within their facility. Users can then select rooms to reserve for future use. Invitations can be sent and confirmed and the app even integrates with Outlook. This app can help companies transition from a traditional workspace into one that allows flexible working arrangements for its employees. The application also includes detailed information about each available room such as size, items in the room and the occupancy availability for that space.

Visually Reserve Rooms From Space Manager

For users of both OpenSpace and Space, a new feature is available that will make creating reservations even easier. For our customers who have both OpenSpace and our Space Management module, a new feature will allow them to reserve rooms directly from the Space floorplans that transfers the information to he OpenSpace app for others to see. This ensures communication across all modules and prevents rooms from being overbooked.

Reservation Calendaring Exchange Integration

Customers who use our OpenSpace room reservation module can now import meetings directly into the application through Exchange. This allows users to share reservations easily from their computer without having to schedule information in two separate platforms.

Service Request

Adding Attachments to Service Request

This allows you to add attachments to specific requests in the Service Request Module so that you can provide more details about your maintenance request. Individuals can attach images, descriptions, documents or notes to specific maintenance requests to better describe the problem to the facility manager.

Add Vendors to Service Request Tickets

This new addition allows administrators of the Service Request module to select which individuals see which maintenance requests tickets. This feature eliminated confusion and streamlines the service request process by allowing vendors to only view the tickets they are assigned to.


Space Manager Mobile App

This mobile application is for our Space Module users, and allows them to do all the usual functions they would normally do on a computer, but on their personal mobile device or tablet. Users can access floor-plans and detailed information about each room including descriptions, square footage and occupancy information. This allows the mobile facilities manager to access the information needed about their facility while not sitting at a desk.

Space Maps

Space users can now view their real estate across a large map through the Space module itself. Users can choose to “share their location” and a map will be created, detailed with all of their registered buildings and information on each building.


Kenton Gray

Kenton joined iOFFICE in 2002 as the company’s Chief Technology Officer and now manages a team of ten developers and programmers. When we develop a new module or do a major upgrade, Kenton is the one who envisions the project and designs it from scratch.

Capterra Ratings: ★★★★★ 4.5/5