Universities Find a Better Way to Handle Mailroom Management

by Erin Sevitz on November 16, 2017

Instead of driving to the pharmacy or grocery store, college students across the country are going online to order everything from medication to protein bars. That means more packages are rolling in. Then there’s all the incoming mail for faculty and staff. For a university that receives thousands of pieces of mail each day, sorting through it all can be a logistical nightmare. Students awaiting their mail show up at the front desk throughout the day, only to find it hasn’t made it to their building yet. Or they must walk to another building to pick up a package only to realize it’s too large to carry alone.

That’s why more colleges and universities are adopting cloud-based mailroom management software that automates manual processes and makes deliveries more transparent.

Here are a few ways they’re using it to streamline mailroom operations.

Universities are making the mail process easier, using barcodes and a user database.Automated Notification

When packages arrive from various carriers, university employees can carrier barcodes to capture recipient information, which is obtained from the university’s user database.

This starts the chain of custody. Recipients then receive automatic notification via email. Universities can customize these notifications to include other relevant information, such as whether it’s a package or an envelope, and the location. They can also set up follow-up notifications to remind recipients.

Digital Tracking

Barcode scanning allows employees to generate delivery manifests with all relevant information from anywhere. They can use this to track incoming, interoffice or outbound packages and identify an online chain of custody that details delivery time, date and the student’s signature.

Student ID Badge Integration

iOFFICE can work with universities to create a custom process that pairs student ID badge information with a directory file and matches it up to a scan initiated by the student.

This process can identify proper student package information and will return pickup results to both the student as well as mailroom operations.

Mail Pickup Kiosk

The Student Mail Package Kiosk allows students to quickly request package pickup at a mail center simply by swiping their student ID badge or proximity card from a customized website.

A pickup notice will show up on the mail operations monitor to pull the package and deliver it to the front counter for student pickup.

HD Mail/Student Mail Notification

The high-density mail and student notification process allows universities to condense traditional mailboxes and, in most cases, eliminate the need for each student to have an individual box. It works by assigning each student to a numbered, barcoded folder in a file room. When someone places mail into that folder, they can scan the folder’s barcode to trigger an email notifying the student that he or she has mail.

Mobile Tracking

A mobile app makes it easy to track and capture signatures anytime, anywhere. If there ever is a question as to whether someone has picked up a package, employees have real-time access to delivery signatures and history.


Most universities know they’re going to receive more packages during the first few weeks and around the holidays, but other peak delivery times are anyone’s guess. If they have a better idea of what to expect, they can ensure they’re prepared. When mailroom data is tracked and stored in a digital format, universities can pinpoint those high-volume times and allocate resources accordingly.

Receiving packages should be a highlight of a college student’s week, not a hassle. By modernizing their approach to mail, universities can make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone.

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Erin Sevitz

Erin Sevitz is the Senior Director of Marketing at iOFFICE + SpaceIQ.

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