Wayfinding Software Makes Locating Colleagues Convenient, Easy

by James McDonald on September 16, 2019

With dozens of locations and more than 5,400 employees across North America and Europe, Ultimate Software has a lot of team members traveling to different offices. And with a company motto of “People First,” Ultimate wants its employees to be able to easily locate and connect with colleagues the moment they walk through the door.

So, Ultimate implemented iOFFICE Hummingbird for wayfinding software and service requests.

Here’s how it’s impacted operations and strengthened Ultimate’s company culture.

Why Wayfinding Matters

Ultimate is known for being an exceptional place to work. It has ranked in the top 10 on Fortune’s prestigious 100 Best Companies to Work For list the past three years and was No. 1 on both the 100 Best Workplaces for Millennials and 100 Best Workplaces for Women lists in 2018.

The technology company based in Weston, Florida, has also topped Fortune’s Best Workplaces in Technology list four years in a row. Ultimate has long been known for using innovative technology to improve processes for HR and payroll professionals, and putting people first starts with its own employees.

When Ultimate’s employees arrive at an unfamiliar office, they need to be able to find people, locate rooms, and navigate through the building quickly. In other words, they need a simple solution for wayfinding—with accurate, updated floor plans that reflect the current office space and seating arrangements. This real-time access doesn’t just help office visitors or employees looking for colleagues, it also helps Ultimate’s facilities team locate employees who need assistance with service requests and complete those requests in a timely manner.

Ultimate chose iOFFICE’s wayfinding software to help fulfill the needs of its growing business and to better serve its people.

Why Ultimate Chose iOFFICE

Although Ultimate has assigned seats in its offices, its workforce is increasingly mobile. In addition to traveling between offices, employees frequently work in different locations within the workspace.

Ultimate knew it needed mobile wayfinding software and service requests. It also needed an intuitive, easy-to-use solution that worked for everyone.

“We looked at a number of solutions, but iOFFICE really stood out in terms of usability,” said Yitsy Montano, Campus Programs Manager at Ultimate. “We particularly like how you can submit service requests with just a few simple clicks. Plus, the mobile capabilities are great for employees on the go.”

With the iOFFICE Hummingbird workplace app, Ultimate’s employees can find their way around the office using digital floor plans that always stay up to date. They can find a person, a room, or any other location within the office. And they can request service if something is broken.

iOFFICE’s Impact on Ultimate Software

Since implementing Hummingbird for wayfinding and service requests in early 2019, Montano says she constantly hears from colleagues who thank her for making their workplace more accessible and welcoming.

“It’s been incredible,” she said. “We see the impact from employees being able to find their way around and collaborate with each other more.”

Ultimate employees were eager to embrace Hummingbird. For the facilities team, which had used a previous system to manage service requests, Hummingbird proved a much easier solution for fulfilling employee requests, according to Montano.

“Before, the facilities team would get a service request, but didn’t always know where to go,” she said. “Now, the team receives the request and team members can easily see where that person sits. Plus, with iOFFICE, the facilities management team can look back and see there’s been 10 tickets related to one AC unit, for example. They can tie the service requests specifically to the space and service that location much faster, with much more insight. It makes for a much more efficient and effective process.”

Moving forward, Ultimate is planning on implementing features that can capture accurate space utilization data in real-time, so leaders know which spaces are most popular among employees. The company also plans to roll out updates that will make it easier for employees to reserve rooms.

“We’re exploring features to accommodate the end-user based on the data we have in iOFFICE,” Montano said. “We’ve gotten great feedback from various teams so far, and we’re looking forward to new and exciting ways iOFFICE can better serve our people.”


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