What you may not know about IWMS

by Elizabeth Dukes on June 26, 2013

What you may not know about IWMSAs facilities management solutions evolve to meet the capability of 21st century technology, it becomes clear that integrated workplace management systems (IWMS) are the wave of the future. By using software solutions to manage their office buildings, companies can become smarter and more cost-effective about the way they run their facilities.

According to IWMS News, though, there’s still a lot about the solutions that many users might not know. If facilities managers further explored the IWMS software at their fingertips, they might discover much more about the tools than initially meets the eye.

For example, IWMS is an integrated solution, meaning it looks to improve the entire business holistically. Some see the software packages as a way to address one isolated problem, such as monitoring rental expenses or overseeing a single relocation effort. This is a narrow-minded view, though – the beauty of IWMS is that the technology improves your entire organization, not merely one aspect.

IWMS solutions improve businesses every day in the areas of corporate real estate, facilities and space management, maintenance management and more. The office of the future is becoming a reality, and Generation Y workers are eager to find new technology that will improve their professional lives. IWMS tools are a part of that movement.


Elizabeth Dukes

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