5 Reasons to a Hire Corporate Move Management Services

by Hai Falor on August 15, 2019

It’s challenging enough to keep track of your own belongings when you’re moving—and if you’re tasked with managing an office relocation, it’s exponentially more difficult.

Hiring corporate move management services can put your mind at ease by taking care of all the planning, communication and logistics.

Here are five indications it’s time to seek help for your next office move.

When To Hire Corporate Move Management Services

1. You Have A Large Workforce

Managing an office relocation with a few dozen employees may not be so bad, but with a few hundred, things get a lot more complicated. You need a good system to make sure everyone’s belongings go to the right floors and departments. Move management professionals can help you stay organized.

2. There’s Construction Involved

Are you renovating your office or moving into a new space that requires construction?

Then be prepared to work with landlords, construction managers, utility companies and other vendors.

If you don’t have time to field constant questions or deal with frequent interruptions, consider hiring a move management professional.

3. You Don’t Know What To Expect

Even the most seasoned leaders may not have the experience of managing a large-scale office renovation or relocation. You may not know what to expect when it comes to office design or construction costs. And when you don’t know what to expect, it’s difficult to negotiate on price or timelines. When you hire someone with experience in this area, they can serve as your point of contact and also ensure you stay within your budget.

4. The Stakes Are High

When you’re managing a major office move, there’s a lot of pressure to hit deadlines. If you experience construction delays, you can quickly go over budget. You may also get hit with fines from your current landlord for not vacating the property in time.

In these high-stakes situations, there’s no room for error.

5. You Have A Lot of Inventory

Do you have huge file cabinets full of records that you’re not sure how to handle?

Heavy, expensive equipment you’re not sure how to move?

Chemicals that need to be disposed of properly?

Or just a lot of inventory that needs to be sorted through?

These are all good reasons to consider corporate move management services.

A professional team can help you assess your inventory and determine how to safely move it or dispose of it.

Hiring Move Management Professionals: What To Expect

Corporate move management services can include a wide range of support.

They’ll use advanced space and move management software to plan a new office layout, assist with furniture procurement and more. They can also help you manage all the logistics of your move, including utilities and IT implementation.

They’ll even communicate with your employees throughout the process, from hosting town hall meetings prior to a move to providing them with move packets to ensure all their belongings arrive at the right destination.

iOFFICE has a partnership with CPM One Source, a group of office relocation and design professionals with more than 25 years of experience.

CPM helps companies plan new office designs that maximize space utilization and productivity. They also assist with every aspect of an office relocation.

And because they use our space and move management software, they can see how your offices are being used in real time and help you make adjustments accordingly. Using our software’s drag-and-drop move management tools, they can work with you to plan a move in a fraction of the time it would take if you were using paper blueprints and Post-It notes.

A major office move isn’t something you can leave to chance. You don’t just need all hands on deck—you need the most experienced ones. You also need the right technology.

And unless you have a lot of prior experience in this area, it makes sense to call the professionals.


Hai Falor

Hai worked in the corporate real estate division of BB&T for 10 years focusing on facilities management, vendor management, and IT systems before coming to work for iOFFICE. With extensive experience in the IWMS software industry, where he served many years in sales and as a solutions engineer, Hai knows his facilities management stuff.

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