Why Do Businesses Love IWMS Software?

by James McDonald on October 27, 2016

An integrated workforce management system (IWMS) can be a game-changer for companies in any industry. But do you know why an IWMS is so beneficial to an enterprise? 

The core advantage of an IWMS is represented in the first word: integrated. Siloed workforce and workspace management programs are inefficient and costly, and by using various stand-alone softwares, companies are opening themselves up to a host of problems—the most challenging being trying to connect every system with the others.

But with an IWMS, every facilities management need—from space management to asset management to strategic planning and reporting—can be handled from a single platform. Read on to learn three big reasons why businesses love IWMS.

IWMS ReportingReason No. 1: Better Insight

Every one of the facilities in your company is home to industrial components—for example, lighting, plumbing and HVAC units. They also house your workforce, equipment and assets. The operations and facilities management teams must have visibility into each of these elements and how they interact with each other in order to make informed decisions about space and asset management. An IWMS provides these decision-makers with the real-time data they need on demand, via a single interface.

Without an IWMS, you may be creating reports, forecasting or benchmarking using inaccurate or outdated information, which can have a substantial impact on the business.

Custom reports are a powerful tool for seeing and sharing data from your IWMS software in real time. And creating them is easier than you think. Just click on the Reports module icon and select the module from which you’d like to pull data. You can then click on the fields you want to show, such as the number of occupied work stations, and apply filters to search by building, floor or department.

With the iOFFICE Insights Module, you can get all the data you need to make the best decisions for your company and your workforce. If taking a deep dive into data sounds intimidating, have no fear: We’ll walk you through it!

Reason No. 2: Higher Productivity

IWMS solutions replace the traditional (and old-fashioned) method of using paper floor plans and Excel spreadsheets to manage facilities. Your employees no longer will have to spend hours manually entering data into static documents that, depending on your intranet, may only be accessible by a portion of the workforce. Not only does an IWMS eliminate this tedious data entry but it also reduces the time it takes for employees to find the information they need since they’re able to view real-time data in one centralized location, instead of having to dig through dozens (if not hundreds) of physical or digital files.

In addition, an IWMS allows facilities leaders to schedule maintenance at the times and places where it will be the least disruptive to employees. Without these distractions, the workforce can more easily focus on their projects and less on trying to drown out the sounds of a technician servicing equipment.

Reason No. 3: Increased Efficiency

The larger an organization, the more difficult it is to determine how well space is being utilized—unless the business has an IWMS. Whether there is a cluster of vacant offices that could be subleased to a smaller company or an entire floor of a building that’s not in use, an IWMS allows companies to identify opportunities to increase the efficiency of the workspace by providing real-time data on space utilization.

Efficient WorkforceOn a smaller scale, with an IWMS employees can quickly see up-to-date information on room availability as well as the location of coworkers. This means meetings can be shorter (and therefore more efficient) because employees won’t have to spend time searching for an open conference room or trying to find their colleagues.

Implementing an IWMS can have a ripple effect throughout your organization. A more efficient and productive workforce means a higher level of service for your customers. And happier customers tend to not only be long-term customers but they also will send additional clients your way. But the first step to this success is an IWMS.

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