Why Your Facilities Management Software Should Be Mobile

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on January 7, 2015

The role of the facility manager has expanded significantly over the years. FMs are now responsible for implementing cost-saving measures, instituting value-added services and using advanced technology to make the most out of a facility’s space. The rapid adaption of smartphones, tablets, mobile apps and mobile websites have made the job of the FM and their field agents much more efficient. Find out why your facilities management software should be mobile below.

FMs on the go need tools they can use wherever they are.

On-the-go Managers Need Mobile Tools

Using mobile technology to manage facility resources is a natural pairing. Facility managers are busy, and when they notice changes in the workplace environment, they need to be recorded immediately. Reporting to the office to document the changes and make work requests is an inefficient use of time that causes unnecessary delays. Mobile applications allow FMs to shape workspaces no matter where they are. Apps reduce the amount of time spent documenting changes and submitting requests. Some requests may even require photographs to document the issue, and what better way to capture it than with a mobile device that you already have on hand.

By using the site survey feature in a mobile app, FMs can retrieve information such as floor plans and equipment manuals at the touch of a screen. New requests can be created immediately when problems are found, and the entire facility survey is a much smoother process. Barcodes can be used to scan and identify assets, making it easy to create work orders and track repairs and maintenance.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile Websites

One thing to consider in your facilities management software decision is whether the provider offers a mobile app or a mobile web application. Web applications are restricted to areas where you have network access. When you’re out in the field, you may not have access to either Wi-Fi or mobile network connections, particularly in remote areas. So, is a mobile website really the best solution?

Apps are easier to use and access than mobile websites.Apps that save changes and upload them when you have access to Wi-Fi are ideal. They are easier to access by touching a button on the screen rather than typing in a web address or navigating to your device’s bookmarks. Apps also have the benefit of displaying beautifully on mobile devices because they’re created specifically for each platform, whereas mobile websites may or may not be suited to your particular gadget. Perhaps the most important advantage to apps over mobile websites is the app’s ability to use your device’s other features. While an app can access your camera, GPS and other features, a mobile browser cannot.

As the popularity of smartphones and tablets continues to grow in coming years, mobile access to facilities management software will not be an added bonus feature, but an essential requirement for facility managers on the go. These mobile features should be included at no additional charge.

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