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iOFFICE, VergeSense partner to help businesses optimize workplaces through real-time insights

May 24, 2021

iOFFICE, the industry leader in workplace experience and asset management software-as-a-service solutions, today announced a new hardware integration and reseller partnership with IoT sensor provider VergeSense.

As people worldwide return to the office, businesses are under intense pressure to provide safe, sanitized workspaces that also reflect the flexibility and autonomy employees gained while working from home — all while protecting privacy. To ease concerns and create responsive experiences, organizations need to be able to quickly adjust the workplace based on how employees are using each space.

By combining VergeSense’s intelligent optical sensors and iOFFICE’s space planning software, workplace leaders can measure, analyze, and act on usage insights from a single interface and at a single purchase point. The native integration layers anonymous, real-time occupancy data directly onto floor plans within iOFFICE, where facilities teams can visualize and respond to trends by reconfiguring the office as demand changes.

Chad-SmithChad Smith, iOFFICE VP of Product Strategy, said: “We are very excited by the possibilities of this new partnership with VergeSense. Their sensors offer a level of insight into the workplace that better illustrates the whole picture of how space is used and where it can be optimized. By bringing together our two systems, we’re giving organizations the power to make unified, informed decisions regarding their immediate back-to-work plans and future real estate strategies.”

Intelligent optical sensors like those created by VergeSense provide greater accuracy than beacons or passive infrared sensors because their visual input can detect signs of life, such as backpacks, laptops, or jackets at workstations, to distinguish temporary absence from truly unoccupied space. Anonymous and private by design, VergeSense’s portfolio of wireless and battery powered sensors offers accurate and comprehensive data at the building, floor, and desk level with superior area coverage.

Within iOFFICE, workplace leaders can use these insights to plan how to reallocate spaces, run scenarios to see how each adjustment affects the floor plan, and implement changes by instantly generating associated work orders to move people or assets.

“Workplace strategists and real estate leaders have been forced into uncharted territory,” said VergeSense CEO Dan Ryan. “It is imperative that today’s decision makers rely on data for continuous feedback as they navigate this return to office for the first time. These leaders are making decisions around how and when to return to office, ensuring employee safety, and redesigning space around greater expectations for collaboration. Our partnership with iOFFICE provides them with one integrated solution that allows them to take action.”

The joint solution allows workplace leaders to establish safe-distancing measures, monitor compliance via occupancy counts, automate check in and out of reserved spaces via sensor detection, and optimize cleaning schedules. Employees can also locate and book spaces based on real-time availability using the iOFFICE Hummingbird app.

For more information on how the iOFFICE and VergeSense partnership will help businesses optimize their workplaces, please visit www.iOFFICECORP.com/VergeSense.

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