C-Suite: Stop Depriving Your Workforce of These 4 Productivity Boosters

by James McDonald on January 5, 2017

“Increased productivity” is undoubtedly on every executive team member’s wish list. And right above that is “higher profits.” C-Suite: Stop Depriving Your Workforce of These 4 Productivity Boosters

Provide employees with productivity boosters to improve workplace efficiencySince the efficiency of the workforce is directly tied to a company’s profitability, productivity boosters can be a worthwhile investment in the future of the business. Implementing some changes may require financing while others may only need a time commitment, but regardless of which resources are required, the impact on productivity will be worth it.

Here are several actionable ways the C-Suite can boost productivity and help the office hive keep buzzing.

1. Incentive Program

While this doesn’t have to be financially driven, providing your employees with incentives can provide an extra boost of focus when they need it most.

Even though some C-Suite leaders may balk at the idea of an incentive program, try not to think of incentives as bribes. Instead, an incentive program can be a small way to reward members of your workforce for a job well done. You can also tie your incentives to a very specific and measurable outcome to motivate other employees to step it up.

2. Employee Recognition

Your employees are more likely to be more productive when they feel their work is being noticed—both by their employer and by their peers. According to the Fall 2012 report from SHRM/Globoforce, 32 percent of companies that used peer-to-peer recognition programs saw an increase in productivity.

While you don’t have to institute an official “Employee of the Month” ceremony, taking the time to recognize your employees—and encouraging them to recognize each other—for their hard work and achievements will not only make them feel appreciated but also encourage the behavior to continue.

Allow employees to listen to music in the workplace3. Workplace Soundtrack

Incorporating music into your workplace can help increase productivity by boosting morale. Some offices have even used the selection of tunes as a bonding experience by allowing everyone to curate the playlist, while others make it into an incentive by giving certain employees control of the music as a reward.

However, keep in mind not everyone works better with background noise, so another approach would be to encourage employees to listen to their chosen music through headphones.

4. Natural Light

Studies have shown exposure to daylight can have a significant and positive impact on employee health and productivity.

If your office doesn’t give employees access to adequate windows or skylights, it might be time to consider an office redesign. If that’s not currently feasible, you could also consider creating an outdoor space where employees can gather for lunchtime or informal meetings.

Adaptive Workspaces

Different people work best in different conditions and environments. For some of your employees, this might mean an open, collaborative workspace, and for others, it might mean privacy and solitude.

Taking the time to analyze the work habits of your employees and understand how, where and in what conditions they work best can give you the information you need to create a workspace where everyone thrives.

Above all else, remember the best employee is a happy employee. If there’s something you can do to improve the happiness of your workforce—within reason, of course—it might be worth considering. You’d be surprised how significant the impact of even a small gesture can be.

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