6 Conference Room Digital Signage Trends That Support Your Return To Work

by Rebecca Symmank on September 15, 2020
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Your meeting rooms haven’t gotten much attention this year, so conference room digital signage may not be high on your priority list. However, it still serves an important role in your workplace — and it can even contribute to a cleaner, safer environment as you return to work.

Here are six digital signage applications you probably haven’t considered.

6 Conference Room Digital Signage Trends

Using digital signage for wayfinding

As workplaces become more distributed and companies embrace flexible strategies like hot desking, employees need to find places quickly. Conference room digital signage can help employees navigate an unfamiliar environment. It can help them quickly find an available room, reserve a quiet place to work, or find the nearest sanitization station.

Digital signage that includes advanced search capabilities and interactive maps will be in greater demand.

Using conference room displays to limit capacity

To follow the CDC’s recommended guidelines for spatial distancing, more than 65% of workplace leaders are reconfiguring their workplaces. That includes limiting capacity in their conference rooms. A room that comfortably seated 12 prior to the pandemic will most likely only be able to accommodate six.

Our Space-Right™ planning feature allows workplace leaders to easily see which conference rooms are potentially unsafe and need to be repurposed as private, reservable spaces. You can also use conference room digital signage to display capacity limits for each room.

Using digital signage for internal communications

In addition to using your displays to limit capacity, you can also use them to share important announcements that may get lost in your employees’ inboxes.

For instance, if you want to alert employees to bad weather or promote an upcoming blood drive, using conference room digital signage is a great way to make sure your workforce gets the message.

Touchless room booking

Not surprisingly, the pandemic has made us all more hesitant to touch shared surfaces. Conference room signage that integrates with a mobile app allows employees to find and reserve space from their own phones, rather than tapping on a screen.

Customized digital displays

Conference room digital signage designed with your company’s logo and colors can support your brand identity. This reinforces the familiarity of your workplace for employees and can help create a positive first impression for visitors.

How to find the best conference room digital signage

Conference room digital signage helps remove friction by allowing your workforce to easily see which rooms are available and book them in advance or on the spot.

The best solutions integrate seamlessly with the technology your employees already know and love, including calendar apps, mobile apps, and wayfinding software.

They should have an eye-catching, intuitive user interface that allows employees to check availability at a glance. They should make it easy for employees to make reservations and end them early, freeing up your space for others.

The best digital signage software also gives you insight into conference room utilization so you can adjust your space as needed and better plan for the future needs of your workforce.

Now that your employees have become accustomed to working anywhere, their primary reason for coming back to the office will be to meet with their colleagues in person.

That means it’s time to invest in updating your conference rooms. And that starts with attractive, user-friendly digital signage.


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