How IWMS Will Revolutionize Workplace Security

by James McDonald on July 10, 2017

Security is a primary concern for every enterprise—be it security of data or the workplace itself. Technology has given rise to cybercriminals and it has allowed traditional thieves to upgrade techniques to guarantee maximum impact. This means facilities leaders are up against increasingly difficult hurdles as they work to protect the workspace, support data security and most importantly, safeguard employees.

Thankfully, an integrated workplace management system (IWMS) can help revolutionize workplace security in four key ways.

A Verified, Safe System

One of the biggest advantages of a SaaS IWMS is having a verified, secure system. Since thousands of customers are performing due diligence such as audits, vulnerability assessments and penetration tests, their combined efforts can benefit every client.

Because application security is high on every company’s mind, processes, disaster recovery programs and security practices are constantly being reviewed by other partners and vendors to ensure industry guidelines are being followed. However, the necessary level of analysis to confirm adherence to these regulations is not possible with an in-house application.

Provide a Centralized, Protected Database How_IWMS_will_revolutionize_workspace_security.jpg

Arguably the most convenient element of an IWMS (having access to facilities data via a single secure database) is also one of its greatest security features. When data is housed in multiple locations, each of those locations must be properly secured. But if data is contained within one central database, the enterprise can focus its IT resources on protecting that single entry point, rather than having to spread them across multiple databases. Additionally, when implemented as a SaaS solution, the IWMS automatically backs up all of your data and stores it in a secure cloud server. Plus, SaaS IWMS providers are well-equipped to quickly resolve any issues if something goes wrong—for example, a data breach.

Keep Software and Network Systems Up to Date

Cybercriminals use known vulnerabilities in your network to gain access to private information. To prevent breaches, facilities leaders must ensure all software across the network always has the latest updates, patches and bug fixes.

With an IWMS, everything is connected. Facilities leaders can monitor the performance of every asset, see real-time data and schedule on-demand maintenance (including software updates) when necessary. They can also set up notifications to alert them when an asset is not performing as it should so they can resolve issues quickly.

Offer On-Demand Insight

A facilities leader can’t maintain security if he or she doesn’t have an accurate and comprehensive view of what is in the workplace at all times.

An IWMS allows the facilities leader to instantly see occupancy levels of each workspace and the location of each asset. With this insight, the facilities leader can identify potential security or safety risks—for example, fire hazards or areas that aren’t secure that should be—and make the necessary adjustments.

Track Who Enters and Leaves Your Building

Especially given some of the scary headlines we’ve seen over the last few years, it’s imperative that organizations closely monitor who enters their building.

Visitor management software notifies reception when a visitor arrives and provides any information the system has on file about the visitor. Real-time reporting is also available to chronicle and archive visitor history and lobby activity should a concern arise that requires further investigation.

An IWMS can be a facilities leader’s best friend for many reasons—one of the most important is it allows him or her to protect critical data, the workplace and, above all else, the workforce. Enterprises face outside threats on many fronts, but an IWMS can be the moat that keeps intruders out.

Workplace technology like an IWMS is a game-changer. To see how best to implement cutting-edge tech in your enterprise, download our free guide, 4 Ways Innovative Leaders Stay Ahead of the Technology Curve.


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