iOFFICE Improves Workplace Experience At NELSON

by Tiffany Bloodworth Rivers on October 25, 2019

NELSON is a leading architecture and design firm with headquarters in Philadelphia, Pa.

When the company moved into a new, modern office building last year, one of the main goals was to create an exceptional workplace that would engage employees while making a great impression on visitors.

The headquarters frequently welcomes clients and employees from NELSON’s more than 20 other offices across the country.

To make it easier for everyone to find their way around and reserve the space they need to collaborate, NELSON implemented iOFFICE primarily for space management, visitor management and room reservation.

Here’s a closer look at the impact it had on their workplace.

Security Has Improved

The old NELSON headquarters had no formal visitor management system. As a result, people would come and go with no record of their arrival or departure. Sometimes people would show up unexpectedly.

Now that NELSON uses iOFFICE’s visitor management software, the company has a digital record of every guest. When a visitor arrives, they sign in and receive a badge. The visitor management system then sends a notification to the employee to let them know their guest has arrived.

“Security has really improved because we no longer have solicitors or unexpected guests,” said Amy Leigh Hufford, an interior designer at NELSON. “We have peace of mind knowing that the only visitors we’re going to get are the ones that we expect.”

Finding People And Reserving Rooms Is Easier

NELSON’s headquarters frequently hosts employees who work in different locations or aren’t in the office every day. When they arrive, they often need to find a colleague and a meeting room fast.

NELSON’s interactive wayfinding display allows them to quickly search for both. They can also see which rooms are available and book them using the Hummingbird employee experience app or the room panels outside the door.

“Without iOFFICE, people were so hesitant to schedule collaboration sessions or meetings because the tools to do so were not user-friendly,” NELSON studio director Greg Young said. “With iOFFICE, it’s’ pretty much foolproof; you just see if the room is available or not and tap it to reserve it for yourself. It really makes everyone feel more a part of the office.”

It’s Easier To Plan Office Moves

In the past, the NELSON team used Excel spreadsheets to plan and manage office moves. That was time-consuming and difficult, NELSON global solutions manager Amanda Clark said.

With iOFFICE’s space management software, managers can easily visualize floor plans in real time and see how a move would impact the layout.

Employees can also make better use of the space because they can see which rooms are available and reserve them at a moment’s notice—even if they aren’t in the office.

“NELSON designs beautiful spaces for our clients,” Clark said. “iOFFICE allows us to create beautiful experiences for our employees.”


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