Is Your IWMS Or Facilities Management Software Too Hard To Teach?

by James McDonald on January 1, 2020
The Next Generation of IWMS: iXMS

Who's got your back? Make sure that you can access FM software support online and by phone.Your facility needs exceptional tools to help it run smoothly. You need to track your assets and inventory, manage your spaces, and maintain your facilities. Your facilities software can be one of your greatest assets. However, it needs to work well with your other major organizational asset: the people who work at your organization. If your facilities management software is too complex, it may not work well for your employees. These questions can help you reveal whether a software product will work well for your organization.

How Long Is Your Training?

When you’re implementing new facilities management software, also known as Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS), your employees need your leadership to develop their skills. They need to know the ins and outs of the software, and most of all, they need to know how they will use it on a daily basis. How do they accomplish the tasks that they’ve done on their old systems? Training needs to be thorough, but not overwhelming.

At iOffice, we work with you throughout the implementation process to ensure that your workforce is prepared to change over to the new software. Instead of providing a week-long crash course that employees may forget when they begin to use the software, we provide continuous education as employees start to work with their new tools.

How Do You Get Support?

All of your employees will use your system slightly differently, depending on the needs of their particular position. This means that they’ll have different questions. What type of support is available? Sometimes problems are complex. Check to see if there’s a number they can call in addition to having written technical support.

At iOffice, get fast answers to your support questions by searching our knowledge database. When you need to talk to a person live, we’re available by phone, or you can submit a support ticket to get online assistance as well.

What Does It Look Like?

When you’re introducing your workforce to new software, it can feel overwhelming. Look for a facilities management product that is as simple as it can be, given your specific needs. Is it easy to book a room or track the maintenance that’s been completed? Software that is visually clear, appealing, and straightforward makes your employees feel more confident from the outset.

How Many Clicks Do You Need?

For their daily activities, your workforce needs to know how easy it will be to complete the tasks that they Talk with your employees about the functions and reports that they need to ensure that your new software will be easy for them to use. need to complete frequently. Adding a few extra clicks can add time and frustration. When you’re looking for software, look at your most frequently-used functions and determine how easy those will be to teach and to use.

Can It Create the Reports You Need?

You’re not just using your facility management software as a data conduit, you also need to use it to analyze data about your facilities. At the end of the day, your employees also need to use this software to collect, understand, and transmit data. When you’re looking at a new software product, take a look at the process used to collect data and create reports. Is it simple to create the reports that you need, and will your workplace be able to transition easily to this new system?

How Do Employees Access Your Software?

Ease of use and mobility of use is important to today’s mobile workforce. Look for software products that are stored in the cloud and accessible on mobile devices. That way, people can transmit needs such as work orders and other employees can access and complete these orders, wherever they might be located.

For larger organizations, an IWMS brings much greater benefits than using various stand-alone applications. The real power of the suite is in the way its applications share information, allowing users to make better decisions.

In an increasingly complex world, you need your software products to add simplicity to your day. When you choose a facilities management software, make sure that it is easy to learn and easy to use. iOffice can help. Our range of facilities management software products help you manage a move, manage your spaces, monitor maintenance needs, and track inventory and assets. Our products work together and are easily available in the cloud, and offer free customer support. Visit iOffice today to see how our software can meet your needs for an improved system and a simpler business day.


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