VIDEO: Our Wayfinding App In 45 Seconds

by James McDonald on February 21, 2019

Few things are more frustrating than being in a hurry and not knowing where you’re going.

Unfortunately, that’s how many employees feel when they’re working on a large corporate campus or visiting another office location.

For this reason, more organizations are investing in wayfinding software that integrates with mobile apps, digital displays and interactive kiosks.

iOFFICE’s software and wayfinding app helps employees navigate the workforce with ease.

Watch this video for a quick overview of how it works. 


Benefits of iOFFICE Wayfinding App

Our wayfinding software integrates seamlessly with our integrated workplace management system (IWMS), ensuring you’ll always have the most up-to-date information on floor plans, occupancy and room reservations.

And because it’s 100 percent cloud-based, you can access it from anywhere.

4 Ways to Use Our Wayfinding App

1. Find A Person

As organizations grow and shift to a more agile work environment, you can’t always expect to find people sitting in assigned seats anymore. They may not even be in the office at all that day.

Our wayfinding software integrates with employee directories so you can easily find someone’s location just by typing in their name.

2. Find a Place

Make it easy for new employees and visitors to find the cafeteria, the main auditorium or other important places. Our wayfinding software gives turn-by-turn directions to any location — think of it like Google Maps for your workplace.

3. Find and Reserve a Room

Our wayfinding software integrates with room reservation software, so it’s easy for employees to see which rooms are available and reserve them for their next meeting.

4. Share Company Announcements

At any company, it’s essential to share announcements. With email, you have to send a new message for every contest, promotion, or event. With a bulletin board, information quickly becomes out of date.

However, with digital signage, you can ensure all employees have access to the most updated information and announcements such as road closures, bad weather, a recent product launch, or directions to a company-wide event.

Wayfinding software, digital signage and kiosks give employees instant access to the types of crucial information they need to stay productive and engaged.

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