7 Key Benefits of Mobile Facilities Management Tools

by James McDonald on January 15, 2015

Mobility in the workplace has changed dramatically over the past few years. Employees are on-the-go for a good portion of the week, whether they are simply moving from floor-to-floor in the building, or are flying halfway across the country for a business meeting.

As a facilities manager, keeping tabs on employees and workflow has become much more challenging. Aside from email and texting, FMs need to access other tools to effectively manage their team. Thankfully, there are now numerous business apps available to make the facilities manager’s job more streamlined and effective.

facility management app tabletYour employees are already using apps for every day activities – from banking, finding directions, and checking out the menu for their favorite restaurant. As a facilities manager, why not use an app that will help you connect with your employees while they’re on the go?

As a facilities manager, your workload is most likely growing. Making use of an app that can help you multitask and manage your work and employees on the fly is not only useful, it’s virtually a must.

Here are just a handful of benefits of having a mobile facilities management software tool on your mobile device to run your office.

Get Real Time Access to Your Employees Whereabouts

Part of your job as a facilities manager is to know exactly who is where at all times. Mobile apps designed specifically for FMs can help provide you with real time information about where specific people are at any moment. The relocation of an employee can be quickly requested based on a specific relocation plan. Whether you choose to execute this move right away, or save it for a later time, an app can make it happen with the simple touch of the screen without the need to flip through endless piles of paper.

Save Time and Increase Productivity

Time is money. In today’s competitive business climate, companies are always looking for ways to boost employee productivity. Quick responses and reduced time-to-resolution define the cost-effective workplace of today, and paper-based procedures are no longer adequate for such demands.

Information must flow between individuals as quickly as possible in order to simplify the management of your mobile workforce. With reduced downtime between tasks and quicker and more efficient communication among employees, costs can be reduced as productivity levels rise.

Easily Store Data and Share it Across Your Entire Organization

There are plenty of departments and offices which have realized certain inefficiencies and costs related to paper-based workflow. Mobile apps can be used instead to collect important data and communicate it to the necessary parties. Facilities managers simply carry a mobile device and access their facilities management software app to gain immediate, real time access to their list of work orders, asset details, and detailed job plans, which they can update on the go.

Easily Report Metrics More Accurately

Every error costs your business money. The ability to report transactions easily and accurately is invaluable for your workplace. Mobile applications can enable facilities managers and employees to focus on core activities instead of wasting time on things like waiting to get to a computer to report details of a work order or update a space plan. Your absence from the work spot for a simple data entry activity is not only a waste of time, but also affects the productivity of the rest of the workplace.

facility managment app image showing a lady with a mobileThe postponement of a metrics report can also affect the accuracy of data. If you could perform this function through a mobile app instead, you could save a lot of time without risking your company’s productivity.

Streamline Your Daily Operations

Mobile apps contribute to your company’s bottom line as daily operational improvements reduce excessive maintenance costs. Employees can work more efficiently and with increased agility, thereby being more apt to responding to actual conditions and requests more quickly. Streamlining your daily operations is a great way to manage your company’s finances, and manage your time and the time of your staff.

Effectively Collaborate With Others

These days, communicating and collaborating with your employees often isn’t as simple as just walking over to their desk. Many times we’re working with people across the country, or even across the globe. To work more efficiently in this current age, we need better ways to stay in touch, such as through mobile apps.

These handy tools can help you and your team collaborate without email, and instead send messages inside your app regarding ongoing projects. You can then easily share or store information and files for your team. The use of mobile apps not only makes collaboration with clients and employees possible, the process is hassle-free.

Respond Quicker to Queries

Workplace performance can be more competitive through the use of mobile apps thanks to increased response speeds. Smartphones equipped with the right facilities management software can help you and your team quickly respond to client queries, provide instant access to data, and even allow your mobile workforce to check inventory, share presentations, and more!

With the rapid change in mobility needs in the workplace, the tools available to facilities managers has also evolved. It’s imperative that you adapt to such changes in the workplace, and utilize the technology available in order to effectively run an entire workplace from a mobile device. With the suite of facility management software apps from iOffice, this process can be made much simpler.


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