How An IWMS Helps Facilities Managers Increase Customer Satisfaction

by George Rogers on March 22, 2013

The recent recession had a number of long-lasting impacts on companies. Many businesses strove to bring down operating costs, streamline their workforces and retain their existing clients. The commercial real estate sector was subject to these changes and has put greater weight on customer service efforts, according to FMLink.

iStock_79032385_LARGE.jpgProperty management companies now hire facilities managers that can ensure tenants’ needs are met all the time, and to do so, organizations are investing in the technology tools that can provide transparency for facilities managers and clients, such as facility maintenance software.

“We look for graduates who can demonstrate that they can work effectively in teams and can take on a CEO-like mentality when it comes to property management,” Marla Maloney, executive managing director for real estate services firm Cassidy Turley, told the source. “If a tenant calls to say a light is out and they have a prospect coming at 9:00, I need to hear from my candidate that the bulb would be replaced by 8:00.”

Providing great service is part of a marketing plan that can help commercial real estate companies set themselves apart from competitors, the media outlet reports in a separate article. Every interaction with tenants is an opportunity to make a good impression. An IWMS also helps facility managers in informing customers about changes and issues to prevent unexpected issues.

With an integrated workplace management system (IWMS), buildings can keep occupants abreast of work order statuses, maintenance issues and other developments in the pipeline.


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