Your Next Smart Investment Should Be An IWMS. Here’s Why.

by Chad Smith on January 30, 2020
The Next Generation of IWMS: iXMS

A constellation of factors has led to an incredible evolution in the way we work today. Between the explosion of 21st century technology, the influence of the gig economy, and the unique preferences of millennials in the workplace, it’s not surprising that organizations are rethinking their tried-and-true workplace strategies.

And it’s not just the fact that so many aspects of business are changing that causes us to pause. It’s also the rapid pace of all those changes.

The concept of the “office” dates back to ancient Rome when an office had more to do with the people making decisions than the actual buildings they occupied. It wasn’t until the 1700s—centuries later—that the idea of the office as a physical space for business activity began to take shape.

Today, a coffee shop can be an office. An airport lounge can be an office. The commuter train into the city can be an office. Thanks to modern technology, we have more spaces, places and connections than workers just a few decades ago could have ever imagined.

Keeping Up With Workplace Change

The pace of change has never been faster, and organizations of all sizes must get ahead of the evolution not only to compete, but to survive. Keeping up with change means using the right IWMS technology that will satisfy today’s reality as well as tomorrow’s vision.

In other words, you must adopt IWMS technology that grows with your dynamic workplace, even when the future is a moving target. Smart investors know it’s impossible to maximize your facility management software investment with piecemeal systems, costly upgrades and repeated replacement cycles.

Is your IWMS software keeping up with your changing workplace? Discover what sets ours apart.

Invest once. Get what you need in an IWMS for today, coupled with powerful scalability that’s ready when you are. Growth should bring positive energy to your business—supported by technology that’s built for the way you work in the real world.

Perhaps you’re managing a workplace that includes a headquarters building and one satellite office. Maybe 10% of the employees are remote. Consider how much your life could change overnight in the event of a merger or acquisition.

Are you ready to effectively manage more offices with dozens of meeting spaces, a large population of remote workers and an incubator hub with a steady stream of outside visitors? What about the long list of new assets that suddenly have to be tracked, maintained and deployed to keep your new, larger organization up and running?

That’s exactly why we’ve designed the iOFFICE suite of workplace management tools to help you “future-proof” your organization. Specifically, we’ve developed the next generation of IWMS that offers the strategic advantage of placing the employee experience at the center.

We believe in what you know to be true: Your IWMS is a serious investment, and it must be able to simplify, optimize and elevate both the employee’s experience and the workplace manager’s experience, while providing a measurable ROI.

It’s a tall order. And we can help you make it happen.

What You Need From Your IWMS Investment

You need a scalable solution that grows in tandem with your business.

Are you new to IWMS? Is global growth your strategy? iOFFICE is super flexible, delivering just what you need to enhance productivity, reduce costs and improve business outcomes for your organization, regardless of its size. The idea is to build with maximum agility and scalability.

We have more than 1,500 customers using iOFFICE around the world, and each one of them has unique needs. With the iOFFICE family of IWMS solutions, these organizations can prioritize their individual goals, adapt to their changing markets, and quickly capitalize on new opportunities. Now that’s a competitive advantage.

In fact, here at iOFFICE, we’re growing our own business. We’ve made several strategic acquisitions in the past few months, so we know first-hand how important it is to be nimble. The recent addition of Hippo CMMS, ManagerPlus and Teem to the iOFFICE family has enhanced our capabilities and will provide our customers with even more flexibility, designed to future-proof organizations of all sizes.

You need to demonstrate ROI.

We know your decisions must be based on quantified data. The iOFFICE platform provides data visualization that turns information into actionable intelligence. By harnessing workplace and asset data on a cloud-based platform, you save time and money. Always a good thing!

Not to mention, our integrated solution also helps you reduce your tech stack for even more cost-saving efficiency. That means fewer logistical headaches and better data integrity.

You need more than just the core pillars of IWMS.

It used to be that integration was the differentiator in IWMS. Today, it’s the functional interface you encounter when all those integrated tools come together that sets IWMS solutions apart.

iOFFICE’s 100% cloud-based software platform is built with the workplace experience at the center, so you can increase productivity substantially and connect everyone/everything/everywhere. It also allows employees to access a variety of workplace services from a mobile app, kiosk or desktop with little to no training required. It’s as intuitive as the popular apps your employees are already using.

You need performance on your terms.

You can leverage the iOFFICE platform across your entire enterprise. Looking to integrate IoT sensors and track a vast array of assets? The iOFFICE platform can handle billions of assets and keep that data close at hand anywhere, anytime.

By acting on industry feedback, we’ve reinvented the IWMS landscape, designing iOFFICE to work the way you work. iOFFICE’s reliable performance is reflected in our 98% customer retention rate. It’s something we’re especially proud of.

In essence, we’re a partner who shares your vision of creating a workplace that’s loved by your workforce. Together, we aim to accelerate business success into the future with only the best workplace technology innovations.

Learn more about the next generation of IWMS and why it’s sure to be your next smart investment. Read the full report.


Chad Smith

As the VP of Product Strategy, Chad David Smith wears many hats that leverage his 20+ years of experience in the industry. Chad collaborates directly with clients and partners as well as with the iOFFICE client experience, client success, sales, marketing and development teams to create the most innovative and valued solutions for our clients.

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