4 Reasons Coworking Spaces Need Workplace Management Software

by James McDonald on May 25, 2017

The winds of change are blowing across the workspace landscape. 

According to Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), 27 million working-age Americans are starting or running their own businesses. And when those millions branch out to make a name for themselves, one of their first investments is a professional workspace to call their HQ. This explains why nearly 1.2 million people worldwide will have worked in a coworking space by the end of this year.

(If you’re not familiar with coworking spaces, they are membership-based workspaces where professionals can work in a shared, community-like environment.)

According to Harvard Business Review, people who work in coworking spaces thrive more than people who work in traditional offices. Why? Because they see their work as more meaningful, have more control over their jobs and still feel a sense of community.

But the manager of a coworking space cannot simply invite people to use the space, offer no discernible perks and then expect to flourish. For success, coworking space owners must concentrate on bringing in new members and building long-term member loyalty.

So how can coworking spaces make their workspaces more attractive than their competitors? By implementing workplace management software — for example, iOFFICE’s integrated workplace management system (IWMS).

Coworking spaces equipped with an IWMS have access to instant data and analytics that drive vital business decisions and act as a quality check for how well the office environment supports members.

Coworking spaces need workplace management software for these reasons.

1. Optimize Space Planning and Utilization

Space management software helps the leadership team understand how members occupy different areas of the coworking space. With this insight, they can eliminate bottlenecks by transforming under-utilized space into more useful settings. Space management software empowers leadership to be strategic and logical in how they place private and deep concentration zones with collaborative spaces, break-out spaces and other work areas.

This software also helps management achieve proper zoning — a critical detail in designing a successful coworking atmosphere.

2. Increase Responsiveness and Maintain a Reliable Facility

Leveraging asset tracking software in conjunction with work order request software enables the leadership team to keep a pulse on every piece of shared equipment in their workspace. It also allows members to quickly and easily submit work order tickets for maintenance.

Leaders can view and respond to work order requests instantly, coordinate maintenance support and track resolution to ensure every ticket is handled promptly.

By implementing a workplace management software, especially a visitor management software, members know they are working in a secure environment.3. Bolster Security

Members demand a safe and secure working environment.

Visitor management software tracks and keeps a history of every person who enters the coworking space. This solution ensures the security of your members, establishes the shared office as a professional place of business and assists members with handling wanted (and unwanted) guests.

4. Create a Transparent and Dependable Mail Delivery System

Mail delivery is particularly challenging for coworking spaces because members are free to work in multiple areas of the building and may only use the space part time.

With mail delivery software, every parcel is tracked in real time from its arrival at the coworking facility to its delivery to the intended recipient. This prevents mail from piling up and helps ensure members receive packages on time.

With the right support system in place, the leadership team at a coworking space can meet the diverse needs of their workforce and optimize space and resources to cut down on operational costs. More importantly, workplace management software fosters an agile and adaptive environment that grows and changes with the evolving needs of its occupants.

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